Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Our Pizza

This year for the extension group's breakup for the yaer we are making pizzas. This term Pt.England school are learning about Little Critters (Bugs) so we have to make it like a little critter. Here is my groups pizza and we will show you the real one later.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joseph Parker

In Term 4 week 1 our extension teacher [Mrs. Tele'a] gave us a task of picking a game and a athlete and compare them to a bug. We had to compare them to a bug because Pt. England's theme this term is Little Critters. Here is my movie. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Cousins First Birthday

“ Quick quick quick we are going to be late for the birthday” I said. On Saturday I went to My cousin Diegos first birthday. We had to dress up as Ben 10. I just got me a plain green t-shirt, some shoes and my black jeans. It was boiling that day.

We got there and I was nervous because I wasn’t use to seeing those people there. “I’ll come with you guys” I said to my cousin. I said hi to everybody and then helped my cousin set up his D.J set. My other cousin came around with some fruit kebabs with chocolate and I had three of them.

Excitedly we said a prayer to get ready to eat. We ate some BBQ., potato salad, some sausage rolls and a lot more. After that we had a game of musical chairs. I made it pretty far. Full of disappointment I got out. Tiredly we played our last game and when I heard that it was a piniata I was bursting with excitement.

It was my first time doing it. We had to get blind folded and get the sword tied to our hand. You could only get three shots. It was my turn and people were telling me “Go left go right,” I didn’t get it but my cousin did and everyone grabbed the lollies of the ground.

The wonderful party was over and everyone started to go home. It was great and I cant wait for his second birthday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Blackbeard (Edward Teach), was a notorious pirate. He began his pirating career at 1716, but died at 1718. his ship was called Queen Anne’s Revenge. He pillaged their precious cargo like tobacco, dyes, sugar and gold.

Blackbeard had a menacing appearance. He was strapped with knives and pistols. He always drank a concoction of rum and gunpowder before he ordered his men to attack. He had a braided beard, shaggy black hair, smoking fuses and a crimson jacket

Friday, November 19, 2010

Year 7’s Getting Their Net-Books

“WOW” I said as the Year 7’s were receiving their net-books. Every year 5-13 in the Tamaki Cluster Schools will hopefully get a net-book each. I can’t wait till we get our one.

There are many benefits about getting net-books and they are that we can take them home and work on our writing and you can do your work in the holidays. Another good reason for you to go on is that you have the freedom and you don’t have to ask anybody.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


With great difficulty I squeezed into the life jacket Chris gave me. This is cold” I said to my friend. Eagerly awaiting to go into the pool, Chris helped me adjust life jacket. My friend Chante was chattering excitedly to me and just before I got reply every body had to line up ready to make their way inside the pool.

Chris is a Great swimming teacher he is a helper at water safety NZ he is going to teach as about water safety every Wednesday until it is the end of the term.

As I hopped into the pool my teeth started to chatter like beaver gnawing at wood. After a while i got used to it and and the chatter of my teeth started to die down. When all of us were in the pool we had to practise our help position all around the pool , we were crashing bumping into each other while doing that. Some activities that we were doing were a recap of the ones last week.

Another activity was when we all had to get in a huddle and sing the national anthem. Chris our instructor was spinning us around in a circle it was fun. After awhile we had free time. Chante, Jay’lee and I sang ring a ring a Rosie. After that we had to go “I cant wait to go next week” I said to Miss Squires. One of the games we played was a five second frenzy, with our life jackets on. It was hard because the life jacket forced us to float on top of the water.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How Scientist Classify the Animal Kingdom

Scientist classify the animal kingdom into categories according to their characteristics. There are to main groups which are vertebrates and invertebrates.

Vertebrates all have backbones. There are groups in the vertebrates like birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and mammals. The humans are part of the mammals. They also have hair, they are young inside their mother, they suckle milk and they are warm-blooded.

Invertebrates are animals with NO backbone which make up 97% of the animal kingdom. They are comprised of seven groups. One of the groups are Arthropods. They have an exoskeleton, a segmented body and jointed legs. Another group is Molluscs which are soft bodied invertebrates. They are snails and slugs. The last group is the annelida which are just worms.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country Day

As I was waiting on the courts for our turn to race I was shivering with cold in my jumper. I was nervous and anxious to get this race over and done with. I am sure everyone had a goal and my goal was to beat Kingston, I beat him last year and I wanted to do it again this year. I had butterflies in my stomach as my legs were shaking and my heart was racing, until finally Miss. Jarman called us up to get ready for the race.

We were standing and waiting and standing and waiting then “BANG!!!” the clappers went and we sprinted of. I sprinted as hard as I can because I was squished between the bunch of boys. They were pushing and shoving as I started to pick up the pace. My legs were pumping as I started to leave people behind. Kingston was beating me but I still ran to catch up to him and finally beat.

The race was about to finish and I caught up to Kingston and Waata but we decided to all finished at the same time. We were walking and people started to pass us, but then I said “When we get to the fence lets run again. We were near the fence and Waata sprinted off, but me and Kingston and I finished at the same time. It was finally over and I was dehydrated. I had a dry mouth as I was dying for thirst. I knew that I gave it my all and I was happy that it was over. We went to wash our feet and watched the other races finish. I was happy that it was over.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In Term 3, the extension group once again did a exciting project. It was drawing maps. We didn't actually draw maps, we had to draw Mrs. Tele'a, our I.C.T teacher. We had to draw her in the angle that we were in. She was just like a still stick. From my angle it was hard because it was in front. The back people on the other hand, well that was easy because all they had to draw was her hair and the chair.Next time we will do this I think I will work on the things I use like the paint brush and the pencil and things. Here are some of our pictures that we drew. Some of them are in different angles.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the past few weeks of term 3, room fifteen had to do a project in groups.We had to pick a mariner because our theme this week are Mighty Mariners. We actually got the Polynesians but we wanted to swap with Christopher Columbus. In our group we had individual tasks. It was doing mouth talking, the way that they went and the ships that they went in. Here is my oart of the movie. I will post the whole movie when it is done. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dj Hero

In the holidays my cousin bought a PS3 with lots of games like UFC Undisputed 2010, FIFA World 2010, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Fight Night Round 4 and 3, SEGA games and DJ Hero. My favourite one is the DJ Hero game because I really like to do some real Deejaying on real decks. My cousin is a DJ and so he told me how to do it. So we got DJ Hero.

When we got it we played a little bit of FIFA World Cup 2010 and then we started to play it. First we went on to the tutorial so that we will know how to play. The first time I had a go I went on easy and I was useless. I got better at it and then started to go on medium. On Sunday that was the first time I got a 4 star and a 5 star. That is when my brother went on medium.

The End

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Another immersion assembly with crazy teachers in crazy costumes is here, the first day of term three. It was Monday the 19th of July, Pt. England School were sitting in the hall waiting to find out what we are learning about this term. It was Might Mariners.

First Mr. Burt said a prayer to welcome us all back from the holidays. Then Mr. Burt told us is story about him and Mrs. Burt going to America. He had lots of t-shirts underneath each won. Each shirt represented a different part of his journey. When he finished his story we went on to the items.

My favourite item was team ones item because of there cool little movie that they made. Kingston drew all their graphics because his mum was one of the teachers in team one. They had a movie about the seven wakas coming to New Zealand.

I think this terms topic about Mighty Mariners is going to be great. I cant wait till we learn about it in our classes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spain Wins The FIFA World Cup

"YAAH" Spain wins the FIFA World Cup for the first time. It was Netherlands and Spain in the finals. It was over but they had 30 extra minutes to get a goal. If each team didn't get a goal by then it will be a penalty goal shoot. A penalty goal shoot is when each team has seven chances to get the goal, But they have to go head to head against the goaly who has to save those shots that they take. In the dieing moments of the match a goal was scored by Andreaze Iniesta, and the Spain fans when wild. That was the first time they had won the FIFA world cup. They had been in the finals lots of times but this is their first time winning. The Netherlands were complaining that he was offside but the referee said "No it was as goal". So up they went to collect there trophy. When they won it they lifted up their coach. It was a very happy moment for them. My favourite player in their team is Fernand Torres. On the news they said it will next be hosted in BRAZIL.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This term Pt. England school have been learning about Active Earth. To show that the extension group have been learning about it we put a movie together about the Mt. Tarawera explosion. we had teams to work in and different parts to do about it. So we made all our movies and put them all in iMovie09. This is our part of the movie. If you don't know what is happening it is the Omen waka which was part of the story.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt.Tarawera Project Reflection

This term The extension group from Pt. England School were doing a project about Mt. Tarawera because our theme this term was !!!ACTIVE EARTH!!!. We had different parts to do in our teams and this is my reflection of it.

The positive aspect was that we had a preety good team. We worked together hard and we did our work untill we finished our parts of the project. Our team was good at working together and finding out a way to delete one of our ideas and bring in one of our ideas to make our part good and interesting.

The thing that I think I did wrong was the voice-over. When we went in to the office to do it I had this part I did not want to do so me and Kingston swaped places. When Mrs. Tele'a came in I was just sitting there but when she went out I started to be silly. I did lots of mistakes while we were doing the voice-over.

The most interesting part for me was Waata and Makerita's team. That was interesting to me because they are year fives and they got alot of their work done and put into a iMovie before our group was even finished. Makerita was good in their team because she worked hard and she did all of work.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


STATE OF ORIGIN the interstate champion ship. The first game is already over and QUEENSLAND had it for 80 minutes, BUT it doesn't mean that it is over for the NEW SOUTH WALES. There is still to more games to go and if NEW SOUTH WALES get it then it of to one more game. There will be one more game and who ever wins that game takes it out for this years STATE OF ORIGIN but if Queensland take it out in next weeks this would
be there fifth year STRAIGHT beating NEW SOUTH WALES. I am going for NEW SOUTH WALES because they got good players in their team like Jonathen Thurston and Billy Slater and Willie Tonga Greg Inglis Sam Thaiday. Now I will name the good players in NEW SOUTH WALES, there is Jarad hayne, Brett Morris and Anthony Watmough and many more. My best Highlight for STATE OF ORIGIN is last year when a QLD player kicked the ball in his own team mates face.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christmas Holidays

On christmas day me and my family went to Mission Bay. When we got there I saw that my dad and my uncles were doing a bbq.

When I got there our tent was the biggest tent there because in the morning my brother, dad and uncle set it up in the morning. The first thing we had to do was to get changed into our togs. Then we ha had to put some sunscreen on our faces and on our body. Then we got to hop into the beach. When I got in we started to play rugby with my cousins rugby ball. I was playing with my brother, cousin and my other cousin. As I was playing my cousin past the ball to me and I lost my T-SHIRT and we tried to find it but we can't. We carried on playing rugby. It was starting to get boring so we started to run into the beach and bombing in it.

After a few minutes we went to go and have a feed and a drink. Then my mum told us to have a rest before we hope back in the beach. After that we jumped back into the beach and my dad, my uncles and my cousins started to come with us. Me, my brother and my cousins started to bomb on my uncles and my dads back and it was cool. After a while my other cousins came over for a little swim but we had to go out but then I asked for five more minutes. When our five minutes was over we had to get changed and help pack up the tent. After that we went to my nanas house to for christmas and I got a pillow, a towel and a iPod nano.

The beach was really cool and I would like to do it on this years christmas.

The Experiment

As I was watching the video of the experiment with Mr.Barks showing us the pressure of dried-ice I was so excited to watch the rest of it. I wish I had been there, I just couldn't wait for the bomb to explode. "What bomb I hear you ask?" Well in this bomb you needed dried-ice, a bottle, a mitten and some water (the water sped up the process).

First Mr. Barks got out the dried-ice from the chili bin. He wore the mittens so he wouldn't burn himself woth the dried-ice. Mr barks told them that the dried-ice was 78.5 degrees celsius.

Mr.Barks put his safty gogles on so he wouldn't get hurt. Another safty thing was he tightly screwed the lid so it wouldn't explode early.

The explosion was going to happen so Mr. Barks put the bottle down and the kids counted to to 21 "BOOM"!!! The bottle exploded into pieces. They did it a second time but this time they put his mitten over and they counted to 25 this time to. "BOOM" (again) and all the stiches came of . It was so cool.

I would like Mr. Barks to this again but this time with the extension people.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bigfoot Adventures

As soon as morning tea finished I saw cones on the courts, ramps on the fields and bikes on trailers. It was Bigfoot Adventures telling us how to be safe on a bike.

There was two guides and they were Tony and Adrian. First Tony was telling us the precautions for bikes while we were listening attentively. While we were listening to him he called out Starford to show us how to carefully adjust our helmets. Following that he told us the correct safety equipment like a helmet, bright coloured clothing and our chains for the bikes so we were in good order to ride.

When we were riding on our bikes we had to do this obstacle course and when Tony showed us how to do it , he went over the ramps and around the cones. When it was our turn to do the obstacle course I wibbled and wobbled around the cones and I said "WOAH"!!! I finished the obstacle course and then gave it to Waata.

When we finished our obstacle course we went of to the courts to learn some hand signals like stop and putting our hands out to the left and right. It was finally our turn to begin the hand signal course. As I started to pedal down the alley of cones I put my hand out to the left and said "1 banana 2 banana 3 banana" Cafully I put my hand back down and turned to the left. Turning the corner with ease Tony showed us a little game when Tony pulls out a card and we have to turn around and tell him what it is before hand signalling and turning. It was so cool.

Finally it was sadly over. I hadreally liked it. I hope for them to come back next year. Learning about bike safety and ding all the activities. The best was the obstacle course.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan the best basketball player in the world, first he does really cool slam dumps and he does really cool three pointers well I don't know if he does three pointers.

Michael Jordan was always going to be a winner at basketball all the time. When Michael was in collage he scored the winning basket in the last 13 seconds in the Champion Finals Series.

After finishing collage he started to play for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were one of the worst teams in the NBA when Michael joined the team. Later that year, He led the American team to the gold medal at the Olympic Games.

In 1991, the Bulls won the National Basketball Association title for the first time. Their decision to pick Michael back in 1986 had paid of. He was chosen most valuable player in the finals. When his father died in 1993, he was so upset that he retired from basketball. He spent a lot of time with his family, and then he spent a season playing baseball with the Birmingham Barons team. He enjoyed playing Baseball, but soon he realised that he liked basket ball the best.

In 1995, Michael Jordan went back to playing basketball with Bulls. With Michael back the team won their sixth NBA title in 1998. In the final game he scored the winning basket in only five seconds before the game was over. He then retired again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Who Am I ?

In the Middle of me is my core which is very hot and made out of nickle and iron. My core is 5000 degrees Celsius.

My mantle, my second layer is, is hot molten rock that is rising and sinking. Why does it rise and sink? Well when it rises it cools down and gets closer to the surface from the plates which makes it sink. Once the magma gets close to the core at the bottom it makes it rise again.

The crust is my third layer. It is made from separate plates. Some of the plates are overlapping and some are reconnecting together because of the hot molten rock. Continually moving underneath it resembles a jigsaw puzzle of me. The crust is the outermost layer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Muhammad Ali

From the red corner, he is fast, he is quick and he is the best boxer in his time thats right he is MUHAMMAD ALI!!! He is the best in the world and this is his story (well I think).

When Muhammed was only twelve years old in the American state of Kentucky someone stole his bike. So he went to a nearby gym to ask for some help. While he was there he saw some men boxing and he thought he would like to try it. He trained hard for six weeks and after that he won his first fight.

Ali's parents called him "CASSIUS CLAY" but he changed his name to Muhammed Ali when he became a Muslim in 1964 when he was twenty-two. In the year he became a Muslim is the same year he beat Sonny Liston for the Heavyweight Campion of the World. The cool thing about this fight is that he beat Sonny Liston first minute first round.

After he became a Muslim he refused to be in the army and that is what made him very unpopuler. His world title was taken away from Joe Frazier in 1967 and wasn't aloud to box for three years.

When wasn't aloud to box again, he tried to get his title back but he lost to Joe Frazier. He had another try in 1974 and he beat Goerge Foreman ( another really great boxer) to show he was still the greatest. He liked making up sayings. He told everyone "I am the greatest. I float like a butterfly and Sting like a bee.

Ali stoped boxing. He had now won 56 fights with 37 knockouts. He lost 5 times, he is the only boxer to win the world heavyweight campion three times.

In 1984 Ali was sick with Parkinsons Disease, but he still travels the world meeting his many fans.

Muhammed Ali was chosen to light the flame at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Did you know that Muhammed Ali used to tell people in which round he would win in. When he boxed the British Champion, Henry Cooper, he said he would win in the fifth round and he did.

Immersion Assembly Term 2

Suddenly a siren blared as Mr. Jacobson walked through the door telling us what to do. It was our immersion assembly, to welcome Pt. England back to school and to find out what we are doing for each term and in term 2 we are doing Active Earth.

First Mr. Burt came up and showed is his emergency kit for when a volcano will erupt. He had alot of stuff like this weird lawn mower, two torches and alot more.

My highlight of the immersion assembly was when it was team 4s turn to get on the stage, I was so excited. First Maggie Magma (Miss. Vaafusuaga) and her assistant Mrs. Lavalava (Mr. Barks) introduced themselves and then announced the three contestants.

My other favourite item was team 1s item . It was cool when Miss. Wild coughed out flour.

I can not wait to find out what we are doing in our classes for Active Earth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Reunion

Just when term 1 finished me and my family went to Camp Adair in Papakura to have our family reunion. We also made it a camp but it was one day which was Friday and Saturday.

First me and my family had to wake up early to have a shower and get changed. We had to go to my Nana and Grandpa's house because that was where the shuttle. At the back of it was a thing to put our bags and blankets in. We had a little play around before went into the shuttle to go to my FAMILY REUNION!!! When we went inside the shuttle we were singing songs. After that we looked on my uncles laptop to watch his sons boxing fights and some movies so we wouldn't get bored. We finally got there and my auntie, my uncle and my cousins were already there because they were hosting it this year. Last year it was me and my family.

The camp site was really cool and looked really nice. While we were playing around and looking for what cabins we were going to sleep on, the guide guy (I can't remember what his name was) came to tell us all the safety things and we all had to be quiet to listen carefully. He finally finished and then we carried on playing. My other cousins came with their rugby ball and we went to the camp-site so we can play touch. We had half time and we went into any cabin to have a rest in and my auntie came in and said "OK this is the cabin all you boys are sleeping in" and we said "OK" and the girls slept in another cabin.

My uncle had a stick and a whistle. He had it because when he blew the whistle and hit-ted the pole we would have to go to the camp-site, and the last person to get there would have to sing a song. The first people to sing was my cousin and my brother. That was finished and my uncle had a little talk about when lunch and dinner was at. I was dinner time and my uncle made his butter-chicken and I took a lot of that. After our feed we had to get changed because we had to do performances, and so we all went to get changed. We all got changed and my uncle hit the pole and blew the whistle and my auntie that was hosting it was last and she sang the alphabet.

After that my uncle put numbers in his hat to see who goes first and we got out number two and so we went second. after my auntiew and uncle finished it was our turn to do our performances. We got up and my mum introduced us to them and then of we went with our performance. We all finished and then we got changed back into play around clothes. It was getting dark so I put on my track pants and jumper then went to the hall to hang out with my cousins. We played on the laptop and played some music. My other cousins started to come and my brother and sister came so well all hanged out there till my auntie told us to go sleep. We went to sleep. That same night we all stayed awake and my brother and cousin went to scare the girls in the other cabin and me and my cousins were on the look out to see if any parents were coming.

It was the next morning and we did this excercis and we called Shock Your Body and then we started doing that. When we finished our excercis my auntie and uncle came to give us some easter eggs. We went back to our cabins to get ready for a volley-ball game. We got there and started to play. While we were playing my uncle aksed us if we wanted to go on the mud-slide and straight away we all said yes but all the people that wanted to finish of the volley tournament stayed. We all got changed and went to the mud-slide. My first go was cool because I was sliding and then I wooped in to the mud-water. When we finished the mud-slide we all packed up and had one more liitle feed before we went home. Our shuttle got here and then we went home.

I had a very fun time at Camp Adair I would love to go there again, IT WAS AMAZING.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Camp Kindness 2010

In Term 1 year fives,sixes and the sevens had camp at Pt. England School and the first thing we did was bowling. When we did Ten-Pin Bowling I said "I'm excited because I have done this before".
The first place we went to was ROCKCLIMBING!!!! When we got there I was like WOW!!
The second place we went to was bowling. When I bowled the ball didn't get anything but the second time I bowled I got all of them so the sign showed up showing me I had a spare. My second round I got a Strike and I got more points for my team but we were still losing and the girls were winning all the girls were beating the boys team and we ended up coming last or something near last place.


"Mrs. Squires this water is cold as" I said to Mrs.Squires. For two weeks Room15 and Room17 have been going to swimming at the pools, I was so excited.

I got changed and went to the pools and Mrs. Squires told us that we could put our feet in the pool. When I put my feet into the pool I felt very excited because I have not been in the pools since last year. My favourite thing was when we did the freestyle because I learnt it fast.

At at the last day of swimming we got to have free time because we never had free time on the other swimming days.

I can't wait till next years swimming.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Treaty of Waitangi

This is a movie of the NZ History and before the Treaty of Waitangi. This is what Room 15 done this so we could learn why they made a Treaty. It was because New Zealand was a very dangerous place to live in. So please enjoy my movie as you watch why and how they created the Treaty of Waitangi.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Highlights of Term 1 2010

Sadly it is almost the end of Term 1 but I am still looking forward to next term2. My first wonderful highlight of Term 1 is something we did in extension and it is talking to D'Wayne Edwards one of the lead designers of NIKE. The reason why I liked talking to D'Wayne Edwards us because we drew a really cool NIKE SHOE, telling us how he got into designing shoes and explaining to us his lifeline.

My second highlight and it is also part of extension is Flickr and how we put our Mihimihi on Flickr. The cool thing about Flickr is that when you read there mihimihi there is some things that you wouldn't know about them and thats what I found out about there mihimihi. Another thing that is cool about Flickr is that you get comments from different country from around the world.

Last of all my third highlight of Term 1. It is CAMP. The reason why I liked camp is because we did some really cool and fun things like Rock Climbing and Kayaking. Another reason why I liked camp is because that is because that was my first real camp with tents and my parents were not there. Camp was really fun I can't wait till next year.

And those are my three highlights of term one.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


"I'm scared" I said as the bowling ball was coming down the lane. Standing like penguins the ball just missed me. The second time I got down and the bowling ball got a !!SPARE!! Were you scared too? I asked my friend.

The second time I got set back up and another person came and picked up a ball. I was even more scared because this guy got a strike last time which made my head hit first on the hard ground. So my friends and I got ready. The bowler got the bowling ball down the lane and he missed me AGAIN!!
Third try. Looking at the ball coming down the lane he got me this time but didn't get the other pins and so he didn't get a spare.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crusaders Capture the Flag

On Friday Room 15 went to play a game with Room 14. This game was called Capture the Flag. It is a tactical game. A tactical game is a game when you have to have a strategy.

When we got Room 14 Miss.King was precisely explaining the rules to Room 14 and then she explained it to us well. We were listening attentively.
After that we got into 4 lines, a girls and boys line for Room 14 and one for Room 15. We all went to the bottom field and Miss King divided us into teams. We all had different roles, tagging people, flag people, guarding people and my role was to get the flag. We lined up our teams. When Miss. King said "GO" we all started to run into our positions. I was trying to run to the flag before the flag people got guarding people got there.

When I got there to the safe zone Logan took off and got the first point of the game. Then we all got back into our lines. When Miss. King said "Go" we all started to go back into our spots. I got to the safe zone and it was filled with lots of Room 15 students. I got the flag and ran as fast as I could and Kingston. P was chasing me but I still got to our territory. Starford got the 3rd and 4th tries of the match. Starford tried to go for another try but then he had an unsuccessful attempt.

I was stuck with James. By the time we got our 6th try they got their 1st try. I was stuck with James again but this time it was longer. It was like I was distracting him because he just focused on me. Then Prince got the last try of the and we won 7-1.

That was really fun and I would like to play it again with Room 15.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Crusader. For everyone reading Crusader's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts he wrote for his class's blog in Room 11 in 2008 and in Room 12 last year.
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