Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Smoking is Bad

Smoking is bad for you and it can cause major health issues. It can give you lung cancer and you can have a higher chance of dying at a young age. It could block your arteries causing heart diseases. Getting a part of your body amputated is the worse thing that could happen to you.

Cigarettes can affect what you look like. If you keep on smoking then people will think you are older than what you are. It can give you lots and lots of wrinkles. You could get lots of cosmetic issues like yellowed teeth, and really really smelly breath.

People spend from 14 to 15 dollars on a pack of smokes and if they buy a pack a day every week then that is $105 a week. That is a lot of money to spend on just smokes. People think that they just want to smoke every now and then, but once you start the nicotine gets you addicted. That makes you smoke more and then you will lose more money.

If smoking is so bad, why do people start? Well for one reason, they think they're cool. They are pressured and influenced by their friends to smoke. Another reason is that people around might be smoking like family members.

The hardest thing that I could think of in the world is to stop smoking, so don’t ever start!

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