Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Highlights of Term 1 2010

Sadly it is almost the end of Term 1 but I am still looking forward to next term2. My first wonderful highlight of Term 1 is something we did in extension and it is talking to D'Wayne Edwards one of the lead designers of NIKE. The reason why I liked talking to D'Wayne Edwards us because we drew a really cool NIKE SHOE, telling us how he got into designing shoes and explaining to us his lifeline.

My second highlight and it is also part of extension is Flickr and how we put our Mihimihi on Flickr. The cool thing about Flickr is that when you read there mihimihi there is some things that you wouldn't know about them and thats what I found out about there mihimihi. Another thing that is cool about Flickr is that you get comments from different country from around the world.

Last of all my third highlight of Term 1. It is CAMP. The reason why I liked camp is because we did some really cool and fun things like Rock Climbing and Kayaking. Another reason why I liked camp is because that is because that was my first real camp with tents and my parents were not there. Camp was really fun I can't wait till next year.

And those are my three highlights of term one.

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