Friday, May 27, 2011

Cable Car [Final Part or Part Five]

Finally the last part before coming back to the same old life in Auckland [JOKES] we went on the cable car. Man I thought it was going to be the one in the air but it wasn’t;  it was like a train, but still cool. At the top we took our last pictures, (Most of them of the GIRLS or LADIES) and we got to see rugby players playing down at the field.

The plane back home was just writing and writing, and I got bored so I shut down my netbook and started answering questions on the screen on top of us, well we didn’t watch on top of us, ooh you know what I mean. Wellington was the best and I will LOVE to go there to the WINDY city and go experience that all again, WELLINGTON WAS AWSOME.

Te Papa Museum [Wellington Part Four]

Te Papa MuseumWAS AWSOME. The stuff inside that museum was awsome. My favourite thing that was there, all put together, was this cow, not just any cow it was a cow made out of CORNED BEEF CANS, it was cool. There was a lot of touching things at the Te Papa museum and the best touching thing was this mix maker, and we all crowded around it and started playing around, which was pretty cool.

I’m sorry but the best part of the whole trip and Te Papa museum....BESIDES the Koru Lounge, would be the motion master or the motion ride. The cool thing about it was that we saw it as a real life video instead of a cartoon video. Before we got to see that we saw this Wii thing, where you get a special kind of wand and it makes a hand move on a huge screen. What you have to do is to take a picture of your self and you can mess around with it and muck it up, and we got to do it over and over and over again.....BEFORE we got on the motion ride. Te Papa Museum was cool and I mean cool.

Koru Lounge in Wellington [Wellington Part Three]

Probably the best part of the whole Wellington trip was the Koru Lounge in Wellington. We got in and again iPads and  iPhones everywhere but it was okay; did I mention that we had our Net-books in our bags? When we got in Mrs. Burt told us that we could go back and forth to get more food and drinks, all for free. One thing Mrs. Burt told us not to do was to get a whole bunch of food on one plate.

Man it was awsome there, eating, drinking as many as we want. This one time when we had dessert, my friend Darius came in with two trifles on his plate. The best food there were this meat thing with rice which I had a million times. Koru Lounge was great and would love to go there just one more time

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Presenting at TUANZ Conference [Wellington Part Two]

The eight of the us young presenters were hidden at the back of the stage, ready to present to people who are older then us. I WAS REALLY NERVOUS. Before we got on stage Mrs. Burt told us that they thought that it would be important people from America or something. but nooo it was actually going to be little kids presenting to them.

When we got on I was extremely nervous, seeing older people with there iPads iPhones everything Apple has to offer was there at the conference. But it was okay, I started to get more and more confident as I started to speak more. I was very happy of myself when I walked of the stage.

Pt England Kids at TUANZ TELCO Day from KPE TV on Vimeo.

Going to Wellington [Part One]

“Wake up now son, get ready now” my dad said to me. It was not a normal morning, on Thursday morning. I struck out of bed excited to go to Wellington. It was my first time for me to go Wellington so I was really really excited to go today, and to make it even better, I got to go with my mates.

First we got to go to the Koru Lounge in Auckland. I am not sure if it was the Koru Lounge because we went in our own private room which was even better. We went in to see biscuits muffins and a big jug of orange juice. That was like my breakfast because I didn’t have any in the morning so I had two shortbread cookies and two cups of juice, it was nice.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology Challenge Part Two

Planning:First my group is going to roll up three pieces of paper into pipes, and then tape them up separately. We are then going to cut holes at the end and beginning of each paper. After that we are going to connect the pieces of paper together and then put the marble through the first tube.

What we did:As soon as we started making our track we straight away started rolling up pieces of news papers. After that we started to cut holes in them. Two holes in the small tube, two holes in the medium tube and one hole in the long tube. We didn’t end up completing the plan but it was still fun.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Awsome Term 1

This term was awesome. To start it all of, I was selected to be one of the Pt.England School Ambassadors, [Presenting to visitors that come to school] and we even get to go to Wellington to present next term to PRESENT THERE, what an awesome opportunity. I haven't been on detention like most of my years of school. I just CAN NOT wait for the holidays to come, OOH lets get back to my first term. Camp was also cool, well because, you know its camp with your friends. I was the leader of my group True Crew. Another cool part was being in the year 5 and 6 extension group in Pt.England. We got to do things like go to the Auckland Museam and enter the compitition, I AM MAKING MOVIES 2, but we are still working on our movies. My favourite part of this term is probably art with our teacher Miss Olivia Muliamaseali’i. She comes every Friday and one hour in the morning on Thursday. Another awesome part was getting our netbooks. I was really excited, and I am probably on it as you are reading this right now. I know how to try, just try to make my term better next term, try to listen to the teacher, don’t get in trouble and to get involved with opportunity's like going to Wellington for example, but I really need to work more on my writing in Term 2 for 2011.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vote for the Best Introduction

This might not seem right but these are two introductions that I wrote in my class, and I need you to tell me which one is better so I can use it in my story I am going to write about my easter holiday. The first one starts straight away on the action and the second introduction is telling you about my thoughts or feelings.

“WOOO HOOO” I said, as I came speeding down the slide with my cousin. I was at the Waiwera Pools for my 2011 Family Reunion. We had to do things like perform items, play games, and we had lots of food, which was probably the best part for me.

I had seen lots of pictures of Waiwera Pools and it looks very cool, the thing was, is that I knew that nearly everybody in my family has been there, but me. We went there for our 2011 Family Reunion which was exciting for me.... and well every one else in my family.

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