Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Immersion Assembly Term 2

Suddenly a siren blared as Mr. Jacobson walked through the door telling us what to do. It was our immersion assembly, to welcome Pt. England back to school and to find out what we are doing for each term and in term 2 we are doing Active Earth.

First Mr. Burt came up and showed is his emergency kit for when a volcano will erupt. He had alot of stuff like this weird lawn mower, two torches and alot more.

My highlight of the immersion assembly was when it was team 4s turn to get on the stage, I was so excited. First Maggie Magma (Miss. Vaafusuaga) and her assistant Mrs. Lavalava (Mr. Barks) introduced themselves and then announced the three contestants.

My other favourite item was team 1s item . It was cool when Miss. Wild coughed out flour.

I can not wait to find out what we are doing in our classes for Active Earth.


  1. Hi Crusader

    I like your introduction for this recount about immersion assembly. I agree with you, team four had a cool item. I hope that you learn a lot about this topic this term, and that you have fun doing so.

  2. Thank you Mrs. Lagitupu for commenting on blog. I am having lots of fun learning about volcanos and stuff.


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