Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What do I Think About Halloween?

<---- This is our groups pictionary about halloween.

Halloween is nothing more than knocking on random doors and getting a bunch of lollies. I  think that halloween is about the Devils birthday and the creation of evil characters.. I don’t celebrate halloween because my parents don’t want me to. It’s time to find out what halloween is really about?

After we wrote down what we thought of halloween, our teacher gave us time to research about what halloween was really about. This is what I found out. 

The origin of dressing up on halloween day also came from people back in the day. On halloween, people would think that bodies from the dead would rise from their graves and start roaming around the earth. So children and adults would dress up in ghosts and witches as a form of camouflage to blend in with the dead.

The origin of trick or treat came from catholics. On all souls day (November 2nd) the priest would ask the church to pray for the people that are in the purgatory. That is a place that is in between heaven and hell, and if you pray for them, then that gives them a chance to go to heaven. Back then, people would go to houses and ask for soul cakes, and in return, they would pray for the people in the purgatory.

Before halloween they would celebrate a day could Lemuria. On that day, people would pour roman milk on graves to stop them from rising and roaming on the earth. It would also block them from trying to enter the earth. 

Jack-O-Lanterns were actually not lighted up in pumpkins, they were lighted up in turnips. When Jack died, he got sent to hell. But he was so bad that the devil didn't want him to stay there. So the devil sent him back to earth and with Jack was a flick of fire. Jack used that and put it in a turnip, and he uses it to roam around at night.