Friday, December 13, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013!

Using a netbook this has been very helpful, swell as every other year I have used the netbook for my learning. It has helped me in a lot of subjects such as writing, reading, maths but for me, it has helped improve in my writing a lot. The netbooks have been one of the many reasons that I love to come to school.

This year personally, it has been a success in terms of looking after my netbook. My netbook hasn't been damaged all year and I am proud of that achievment. Because if it did get damaged then my parents would have had to pay for it, and they didn't have to pay anything all year long.

Another thing that I am very proud of is that I have improved in my maths and my mark that I got this year was very good. I believe that part of me getting a high grade is using the netbook. I have used Maths Whizz, IXL, Xtra Math and many more math sites. I was very proud of my marks.

Using a netbook this year was very helpful and it was a very good learning object for us students.

Pt. England Senior Prize Giving 2013!

Yesterday on Thursday the 12th on December, Pt. England School had their senior prize giving. I was so excited to see what I was going to get for my last prize giving at Pt. England. I was more nervous for our year group performance, because my friend Dillion and I were playing the guitar, and I feel that we had a lot of pressure in our hands on the night.

I knew that it was going to be a long night because there were three awards and performances from different age groups before us, and as older boys our legs were going to be sore from folding them for too long. But I knew that it was all going to be worth it, because I knew I was going to get a award.

It was time for the year 7 awards, and I was getting more nervous as the time went by. "Are you excited bro, I am" my friend Starford said to me. From years of experience at prize, I knew the order of what comes first and what goes last, and by what I saw and heard, it was almost time for the year 8 prizes.

It was finally time for our prize awards. It was so exciting and. I didn't really care of what prize I got, I was just happy that I got an award, and to be honest , I knew that I was going to get a sports award. The sports awards went by, and I didn't here my name. "Crusader" Mr. Burt said. I rushed to the stage to get my award. I was so proud of myself.  All the awards were done and it was time to do our item. It was so cool and we did great.

This year's prize giving was awesome and I am going to miss having it here at Pt. England.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Year 8 Camp!

On Tuesday the 3rd of December, the year 8’s from Pt. England School went on their camp to Keswick (Pronounced Kesick) down out Rotorua. Obviously it was a long trip to get there, but I knew that it was going to be worth it because I was with my friends and the activities were going to be awesome.

As soon as we got there, we had to go on a nature walk up this hill. It was the most tiring thing of my life, but I knew that it was going to be good pre-season training and get some fitness in my body. I was running with my friend Kingston P, all the way up, and all the way down. I had a lot of fun doing that run.

My second most favourite part of the whole camp, was going to the Rotorua Aquatic Centre. When we got there, the lifeguard said that there was a 2 metre pool that we could go and bomb in, but me and my friends didn’t go there first. At first, me and my friend Samuela went to the shallow pool. Just to get warmed up. After a while, I told my friend that we should go check out how cool the deep pool was. I did one bomb and after that I was sucked in.

My favourite part of the whole camp was going to the Skyline and Luge rides. That was fun for me because I believe that I was fast and that I could beat everyone. I got 4 rides. In the first ride, I got in my luge and raced to catch up to the other people in front of me. 1 by 1 I caught up to every single one that went before me. My favourite part of the whole trip was the last luge ride we had. There were 4 of us on the last ride and we had enough luge rides to block up the whole lane. We were having so much fun, and it was a fun trip.

The camp was very fun and I am going to miss all the year 8’s.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Year 8 Memories

Crusader's Year 8 Memories from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Lately in the creative strand group, all the year 8's had to make a movie that was about their life here at Pt. England. This is my awesome movie showing me back then and showing me now. I hope you enjoy.

Last Swimming Lesson!

On Friday, it was the last swimming session for the year and before we were off to our year 8 camp. We practised a lot of things through out the other swimming lessons but it was all for today's lesson. We had to swim 6 lengths without putting our feet on the ground. Mr. Barks said that we could use any technique we wanted to as long as we completed the task.

For me I freestyle for a third of the length and then backstroked for the rest of the length
. I did this for every length I had to do and I completed it. I was so proud of myself because I can be safe in the water. You should try it some time to keep YOU safe in the water.

Monday, November 25, 2013

S.E.R (Self Explaining Roads) Research!

What differences have you noticed around G.I streets?

In our extension class, we got the task of interviewing kids our age and kids younger about what they think of the SER streets. Self Explaining Roads. We created a survey online and we asked children those questions. We were doing to help our a lady from the University of Auckland.   

Background Research:
We had a class discussion including our teacher talking about SER streets. We also included little kids. We asked them questions like do you use streets or roads with islands, does your family have trouble driving out of your driveway, and lots more.

Prediction: I reckon that it will be easy for me to explain it to them because the questions were easy.
Observations: Interviewing the year 4’s was hard because they couldn’t understand the question and I think that they had trouble answering it as well. I also had to rephrase the question. It was also hard to explain to them what SER roads/streets were because they didn’t know what it was.

We didn’t really do a experiment but we did a survey that asked people questions about SER roads/streets.
We looked at our summary of responses and it told us the percentage of the answers that people gave us in the survey. 53% of the people I interviewed like streets with no islands, and 48% of the people liked streets with islands.


The council should really think about what they are REALLY putting on the road, because it can be for a good cause, but at the same time, a bad cause aswell.

Thrust Investigation!

In term 2, the yea 7/8 extension group got the task of experimenting how fast a balloon would go if it was attached to a straw. After that we put a string through the straw, blow up the balloon and let all the air out. The balloon and the straw would fly through the string. These are all our Predictions and findings.