Friday, November 25, 2011

Athletics Day 2011

On Wednesday the 23rd of November 2011, Pt. England School had their Athletics Day. It was a really cool day which everyone was apart of. This day was awesome with lots of activity’s such as high jump, discus, shot put, sprints and a whole lot more. My best activity was HIgh Jump. I went further then a lot of my friends, but of course, I didn’t get to win. I loved this day and I thought that it was the best athletics of all my years here at Pt. England School.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Election Votes 2011

The extension group of Pt. England School got a task to make our own billboard for the elections. The reason we had to do this is because we have been learning about this all week and the elections are are coming up this Saturday. We had a choice to make our own party or stick to the real party that we got to choose. This is my billboard.

My prediction for this weeks election is that Labour is going to win. This is because I think their way of seeing New Zealand's future is better then other party's. There are two very important things that are involved in the elections and they are MMP and First Past the Post. Fist Past the Post is when a person crosses out a box next to a candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins and the other votes don't matter. MMP stands for Mixed Member Proportional. MMP is a voting system that was originally used to elect representatives to the German Bundestag. I really hope that Labour will win the elections. GO LABOUR.


Before we were even going to do abseiling, I said that I was going to do it and I was so excited, but, I was actually freaked out to even climb up. When the first person went up, I was really embarrassed to say I wasn’t going to go up because, the person was smaller than me, smaller than a lot of people. I really wanted to go now.

I finally decided to do it, but I was still really really nervous. As I was climbing up, I was saying to my self “Don’t look down, don’t look down”. Man I wanted to get this over and done with. When I got to the top, I was so relieved. The next step was to come down, I was FREAKED OUT.

Coming down was probably the best part, why? because it was almost finished. when I got to the top, I started shaking, that’s the first time I have ever been that scared. The most scariest part of it all was leaning back. I didn’t want to do it, but that was the only way to get down. Eventually I got down (which was a long time) and when I finished I wanted to go for another turn, but that was our only go.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Kayaking was next, and I wasn’t sure to go because I heard that we were going to see STINGRAYS. I was so scared. As we were kayaking out, our kayak pro, Erin said to us “Hey lets go see the stingrays” “WHAT” we all said I saw my first stingray and it went underneath my kayak which was pretty scary. We started to see a lot of stingrays and I started to get used to them.

At this point, I did not want to capsize. I was kayaking so carefully trying not to get into the water. We were kayaking and, the water was getting more and more shallow and my kayak couldn’t go any further. I could even touch the ground with my hand. “Can we go back now” I said.

When I saw our camp ground and all the campers, I was so relieved to get back on shore. Erin said that we were going to play a game called kayak tiggy, and I didn’t really want to play. When we were finished our kayaking activity, I was so happy. Didn’t capsize once.

Monday, November 21, 2011


“A hike, really?” I said. When I heard that we were going on a walk, I was horrified. As I was looking at the hills that we were going do it on, I just froze up. When we started the tramp, my legs were getting tired in a second. I was so happy when I saw a flat ground ahead of us. At this stage, I had a rest and a drink of my water bottle (just as well I brought a big one).

    When we finally stopped for a rest, I had a little sleep. After that I had a big munch of my lunch because I was so hungry. We then got to play near the beach and everyone started skimming rocks on water, it was so cool. My high score was three skims on water. When I heard we were walking again back to the camp, I quickly found a tap and filled up my bottle.

The last walk was shorter than the first. I was thinking that we were going a shorter way. “Why couldn’t we do this way in the beginning” I said. As we were walking, I started to go ahead of a lot of people. I was at the back of people when we were going uphill, but I started passing lots of people and I thought that they were tired from the uphill part. When I was finished I quickly found my bag, went to my cabin, set up all our beds then just had a huge rest.

Friday, November 11, 2011

!!ART IN SPACE! 17!!

Room 17 got a task to draw three perspectives of four superheroes and make a pretend trailer using the pictures we drew (we didn't actually make a movie after we made the trailer). We used lots of applications on the iMac like Hyperstudio, Comic Life, iMovie 11 and lots more. In my trailer I used the superheroes Captain America, Wolverine, Dead Pool and the ALMIGHTY THOR. 

Captain America comes from earth and was skinny but was made in a machine to be more stronger. I think that Captain America has no weakness, I reckon that he is strong without and with the shield. Dead Pool's strength is a thing that he has called a Accelerate Healing Factor and without that he can die in one shot of a bullet.

Wolverine has the the same thing as Dead Pool and has a thing called a healing factor, that regenerates damaged or destroyed tissues of his body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human. Thor has both a weakness and a strength. His strength is when he has the hammer and without the hammer he is pretty much nothing.

This is my trailer and I hope you like it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tennis Coaching

"Tennis? Aye" I said when we heard that we were going to have Tennis Coaching. I was so suprised when I heard that we were going to do this sport beacause, well,Tennis is not what New Zealanders play so I was wondering how this was going to go out. Were we good, or NOT?

    My mum had always told me that she used to play tennis when she was younger, and I never believed her. One day I saw a old dusty tennis racket in a shed outside and it said my mums name on it. "So you did play tennis" I said. She sighed and walked off, I wanted to know more about it. I was annoying her all day.

    The first skill we had to learn was how to hold the Tennis racket, in other words the grip. First, we had to put our hand in a V position, and picked it up like you were using a frying pan. This was the same way we held the BAT, when we had Cricket coaching. We then had to bounce our tennis ball with the racket and keep the ball steady, It is harder then you think.

     We then had to learn was the forehand. Our coach Marcel told us that we were going to play a game and everyone started cheering. Games was what we were really here for. Thsi game was supposed to help us learn how to hit a forehand properly. We had to choose a partner, and they had to toss us the tennis balll. Marcel wanted us to hit it softly but I wasn't used to, "Come on HAND" I said.

    That first day of tennis coaching was so cool and was really fun. I cant wait for the next week.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Do you know what comets are made of? They are made from Ice cream cones, Ice cream and crushed biscuites.....NAH I am just joking. Comets are actually made from, real ice, dust, rocks, and lots of gas. As comets get closer to the sun, they start to melt, and melt, and melt untill it is all gone. Kind of like how it was when we made ICE CREAM COMETS.

I was so excited. When I first walked into the class, I was wondering what Room 16 were doing in here. "Aye, not to be rude but, why are they here for?" I asked. By the time I sat down, I saw Ice cream on the Teachers table, icecream cones, buscuites and sprinkles. It was like heaven. I didn't know what we were doing. As I was sitting down, me and my mate over heard people saying Ice Cream comets and then it all started to make sense. Ice Cream for the ice, Crushed biscuites for the dust and rocks and the Ice Cream Cone for the tale. Everyone had wild excitments. I had a impaient stomach.

We started of by, our teachers Miss. Garden and Mr. Somerville putting buscuites into a plastic bag and giving it to students to bashed for the dust. There was supposed to be big and small pieces but our students dominated the biscuites into little tiny pieces (I really wanted a turn). The real purpise for this was to see what a comet is like, but we all were just here to eat. You could even see it. Miss Garden gave us a scoop of Ice Cream and we had to put it in our hands. Thats why we needed to wash our hands really clean at first. Man it was ice cold. After that we had to get a bit of crushed biscuites and a Ice Cream Cone. It was Delicious. I was Scavenging for more.

 By the time we all finished our ice creams, our courtyard was all MESSY! Our class cleaned that place and our class specially for this day and at the end, it was just to messy. Some people droped theirs so that was a real pain. Their was alot, and I mean alot of crushed biscuites on the ground beacause of them. Man you should of seen my face when even and also my hands were a sticky mess. The courtyard was more like a junk yard at the end.

At the end of the day, we all had fun. I really really hope we can do that again.