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Should Pit Bulls be Banned in NZ?

Do you think that pit bulls should be banned in NZ? Lately the government have thinking about banning pit bulls from our country New Zealand. I think that it should be banned because it is dangerous and it is harmful to little children and to adults. This is my argument on why pit bulls should be banned in NZ.

One reason why I think pit bulls should be banned is because it is very dangerous and harmful to little children and others. Pit bulls are very aggressive and whenever they see someone, they always go and run for them. They are very dangerous around little kids as well because they can do the same thing to them and our kids are very precious

My second argument on why pit bulls should be banned is because there are lots of stranded pitbulls around the streets. A lot of our doors in our houses are always open and they can run into your house and starting eating us. That is very dangerous. They can also harm innocent people that are walking down the streets.

This is my argument on if pit bulls should be banned in New Zealand. What do you think?

Little Blue Swagging Hood!!

“Hey yo Durant go get me something to eat” said our gang leader LeBron. I got straight up out of my seat and rushed outside of the Wolf Gang crib. “I got no money on me man” I thought to myself. What was I going to do? As I was walking down the streets of San Andreas, something caught my eye. It was a little girl with a picnic basket. It seemed as if she was on a picnic.

I knew I had to take that from her. What else was I going to do because I would be dead meat if I didn't get food for LeBron.  I approached her and I talked to her. “Hello girl, what is your name” I said politely “My name is Little Blue Swagging Hood”. “That basket of yours looks pretty good, what’s in it?” As she was explaining to me what it was, I snatched the basket off her and ran away. I was off. “Give it back!” She yelled as she was chasing me.

I eventually lost her and I needed to find somewhere to hide. I arrived at a rich house and I heard someone in there. “I wonder if anyones home?” I thought to myself. I looked in the window to check if anyone was there. I sneaked inside her house as quiet as a ninja. Walking through all the rooms, I saw an old lady resting in her bed. I found a roll of duct tape sitting on the bench and grabbed it. I sneaked around her couch, and taped her mouth. “Yes” I said as I found some rope. I tied her hands and threw her in the cupboard.

Looking through her clothes , I spotted some of her pj’s. I quickly slipped them on and jumped in her bed. A few minutes later, Little Blue Swagging Hood knocked on the door. “Are you home grandma?” She cried. I was speechless. She went through the house looking for her grandma.

“Is that you grandma?” Little Blue Swagging Hood said.
“Yes darling, why you crying?” I said.
“This guy came and took my basket of food...Wait, why you so brown grandma?”
“Ummm, I was in the sun for too long”
“Ohhh, Ok, why you so tall?”
“I’ve been sleeping alot”
“Why have you got such big muscles grandma?”
“I’ve been going to the gym lately”
“’re not my grandma!” said Little Blue. “What’s that shaking in the closet?” Little Blue walked over suspiciously towards the closet. At that moment, Durant jumped out of the bed and pulled out a gun. But just as quickly, the closet flew open and grandma jumped out with an even bigger gun.

to be continued....