Friday, November 19, 2010

Year 7’s Getting Their Net-Books

“WOW” I said as the Year 7’s were receiving their net-books. Every year 5-13 in the Tamaki Cluster Schools will hopefully get a net-book each. I can’t wait till we get our one.

There are many benefits about getting net-books and they are that we can take them home and work on our writing and you can do your work in the holidays. Another good reason for you to go on is that you have the freedom and you don’t have to ask anybody.

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  1. Hi Crusader, It made me so happy to see you posting about this. I remember that you were part of the 'paparazzi' recording this event for the Year 7's and it must have been hard watching them and knowing you have to wait until next year for your one! Not long now and you too will be a Netbook student :)

    Mrs Burt


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