Thursday, May 27, 2010


STATE OF ORIGIN the interstate champion ship. The first game is already over and QUEENSLAND had it for 80 minutes, BUT it doesn't mean that it is over for the NEW SOUTH WALES. There is still to more games to go and if NEW SOUTH WALES get it then it of to one more game. There will be one more game and who ever wins that game takes it out for this years STATE OF ORIGIN but if Queensland take it out in next weeks this would
be there fifth year STRAIGHT beating NEW SOUTH WALES. I am going for NEW SOUTH WALES because they got good players in their team like Jonathen Thurston and Billy Slater and Willie Tonga Greg Inglis Sam Thaiday. Now I will name the good players in NEW SOUTH WALES, there is Jarad hayne, Brett Morris and Anthony Watmough and many more. My best Highlight for STATE OF ORIGIN is last year when a QLD player kicked the ball in his own team mates face.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christmas Holidays

On christmas day me and my family went to Mission Bay. When we got there I saw that my dad and my uncles were doing a bbq.

When I got there our tent was the biggest tent there because in the morning my brother, dad and uncle set it up in the morning. The first thing we had to do was to get changed into our togs. Then we ha had to put some sunscreen on our faces and on our body. Then we got to hop into the beach. When I got in we started to play rugby with my cousins rugby ball. I was playing with my brother, cousin and my other cousin. As I was playing my cousin past the ball to me and I lost my T-SHIRT and we tried to find it but we can't. We carried on playing rugby. It was starting to get boring so we started to run into the beach and bombing in it.

After a few minutes we went to go and have a feed and a drink. Then my mum told us to have a rest before we hope back in the beach. After that we jumped back into the beach and my dad, my uncles and my cousins started to come with us. Me, my brother and my cousins started to bomb on my uncles and my dads back and it was cool. After a while my other cousins came over for a little swim but we had to go out but then I asked for five more minutes. When our five minutes was over we had to get changed and help pack up the tent. After that we went to my nanas house to for christmas and I got a pillow, a towel and a iPod nano.

The beach was really cool and I would like to do it on this years christmas.

The Experiment

As I was watching the video of the experiment with Mr.Barks showing us the pressure of dried-ice I was so excited to watch the rest of it. I wish I had been there, I just couldn't wait for the bomb to explode. "What bomb I hear you ask?" Well in this bomb you needed dried-ice, a bottle, a mitten and some water (the water sped up the process).

First Mr. Barks got out the dried-ice from the chili bin. He wore the mittens so he wouldn't burn himself woth the dried-ice. Mr barks told them that the dried-ice was 78.5 degrees celsius.

Mr.Barks put his safty gogles on so he wouldn't get hurt. Another safty thing was he tightly screwed the lid so it wouldn't explode early.

The explosion was going to happen so Mr. Barks put the bottle down and the kids counted to to 21 "BOOM"!!! The bottle exploded into pieces. They did it a second time but this time they put his mitten over and they counted to 25 this time to. "BOOM" (again) and all the stiches came of . It was so cool.

I would like Mr. Barks to this again but this time with the extension people.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bigfoot Adventures

As soon as morning tea finished I saw cones on the courts, ramps on the fields and bikes on trailers. It was Bigfoot Adventures telling us how to be safe on a bike.

There was two guides and they were Tony and Adrian. First Tony was telling us the precautions for bikes while we were listening attentively. While we were listening to him he called out Starford to show us how to carefully adjust our helmets. Following that he told us the correct safety equipment like a helmet, bright coloured clothing and our chains for the bikes so we were in good order to ride.

When we were riding on our bikes we had to do this obstacle course and when Tony showed us how to do it , he went over the ramps and around the cones. When it was our turn to do the obstacle course I wibbled and wobbled around the cones and I said "WOAH"!!! I finished the obstacle course and then gave it to Waata.

When we finished our obstacle course we went of to the courts to learn some hand signals like stop and putting our hands out to the left and right. It was finally our turn to begin the hand signal course. As I started to pedal down the alley of cones I put my hand out to the left and said "1 banana 2 banana 3 banana" Cafully I put my hand back down and turned to the left. Turning the corner with ease Tony showed us a little game when Tony pulls out a card and we have to turn around and tell him what it is before hand signalling and turning. It was so cool.

Finally it was sadly over. I hadreally liked it. I hope for them to come back next year. Learning about bike safety and ding all the activities. The best was the obstacle course.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan the best basketball player in the world, first he does really cool slam dumps and he does really cool three pointers well I don't know if he does three pointers.

Michael Jordan was always going to be a winner at basketball all the time. When Michael was in collage he scored the winning basket in the last 13 seconds in the Champion Finals Series.

After finishing collage he started to play for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were one of the worst teams in the NBA when Michael joined the team. Later that year, He led the American team to the gold medal at the Olympic Games.

In 1991, the Bulls won the National Basketball Association title for the first time. Their decision to pick Michael back in 1986 had paid of. He was chosen most valuable player in the finals. When his father died in 1993, he was so upset that he retired from basketball. He spent a lot of time with his family, and then he spent a season playing baseball with the Birmingham Barons team. He enjoyed playing Baseball, but soon he realised that he liked basket ball the best.

In 1995, Michael Jordan went back to playing basketball with Bulls. With Michael back the team won their sixth NBA title in 1998. In the final game he scored the winning basket in only five seconds before the game was over. He then retired again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Who Am I ?

In the Middle of me is my core which is very hot and made out of nickle and iron. My core is 5000 degrees Celsius.

My mantle, my second layer is, is hot molten rock that is rising and sinking. Why does it rise and sink? Well when it rises it cools down and gets closer to the surface from the plates which makes it sink. Once the magma gets close to the core at the bottom it makes it rise again.

The crust is my third layer. It is made from separate plates. Some of the plates are overlapping and some are reconnecting together because of the hot molten rock. Continually moving underneath it resembles a jigsaw puzzle of me. The crust is the outermost layer.