Saturday, May 8, 2010

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan the best basketball player in the world, first he does really cool slam dumps and he does really cool three pointers well I don't know if he does three pointers.

Michael Jordan was always going to be a winner at basketball all the time. When Michael was in collage he scored the winning basket in the last 13 seconds in the Champion Finals Series.

After finishing collage he started to play for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were one of the worst teams in the NBA when Michael joined the team. Later that year, He led the American team to the gold medal at the Olympic Games.

In 1991, the Bulls won the National Basketball Association title for the first time. Their decision to pick Michael back in 1986 had paid of. He was chosen most valuable player in the finals. When his father died in 1993, he was so upset that he retired from basketball. He spent a lot of time with his family, and then he spent a season playing baseball with the Birmingham Barons team. He enjoyed playing Baseball, but soon he realised that he liked basket ball the best.

In 1995, Michael Jordan went back to playing basketball with Bulls. With Michael back the team won their sixth NBA title in 1998. In the final game he scored the winning basket in only five seconds before the game was over. He then retired again.


  1. Nice one Crusader! First a post about the greatest boxer of all time Muhammed Ali, and now a post about the greatest basketballer of all time. Michael Jordan just happens to be one of my top 3 all time athletes of all time as well. What I like about Michael Jordan is that when the pressure was on in games, he WANTED the ball in his hands. He thrived on pressure situations and more often than not he would find ways to win games from inpossible situations. There have been so many new players come along that have been labelled the 'next' Michael Jordan. Grant Hill, Anfernee Hardaway, Jerry Stackhouse, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James to name a few, but none can compare to 'Air' Michael Jordan. Keep up the great posting Crusader. Maybe you can do your next one on my other favourite athlete - Sir Richard Hadlee? What do you think these three sportsman (Ali, Jordan & Hadlee) have in common?

  2. Kia ora Crusader, what an interesting blog about michael jordan. He's one of my favortie basketball players especially when I use to play basketball at college and then after college. Now i just like to have a bit of fun. I appreciated your research about him because I didn't know he played baseball for a while. Keep on blogging, from Matua Wyllis

  3. Thanks for the comments. David Tua might be my next post as he is great at boxing and has a strong left hand! Thats interesting to know that those are you top favourite athletes Mr T! I don't know much about Sir Richard Hadley but I would like to research him and find out what sport he does and why he could be your favourite sports player. I didn't know that you played basketball Matua Wyllis! It is good that you are still keeping up with the sport for fun.


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