Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dj Hero

In the holidays my cousin bought a PS3 with lots of games like UFC Undisputed 2010, FIFA World 2010, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Fight Night Round 4 and 3, SEGA games and DJ Hero. My favourite one is the DJ Hero game because I really like to do some real Deejaying on real decks. My cousin is a DJ and so he told me how to do it. So we got DJ Hero.

When we got it we played a little bit of FIFA World Cup 2010 and then we started to play it. First we went on to the tutorial so that we will know how to play. The first time I had a go I went on easy and I was useless. I got better at it and then started to go on medium. On Sunday that was the first time I got a 4 star and a 5 star. That is when my brother went on medium.

The End

Immersion Assembly Term 3

Another immersion assembly with crazy teachers in crazy costumes is here, the first day of term three. It was Monday the 19th of July, Pt. England School were sitting in the hall waiting to find out what we are learning about this term. It was Might Mariners.

First Mr. Burt said a prayer to welcome us all back from the holidays. Then Mr. Burt told us is story about him and Mrs. Burt going to America. He had lots of t-shirts underneath each won. Each shirt represented a different part of his journey. When he finished his story we went on to the items.

My favourite item was team ones item because of there cool little movie that they made. Kingston drew all their graphics because his mum was one of the teachers in team one. They had a movie about the seven wakas coming to New Zealand.

I think this terms topic about Mighty Mariners is going to be great. I cant wait till we learn about it in our classes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spain Wins The FIFA World Cup

"YAAH" Spain wins the FIFA World Cup for the first time. It was Netherlands and Spain in the finals. It was over but they had 30 extra minutes to get a goal. If each team didn't get a goal by then it will be a penalty goal shoot. A penalty goal shoot is when each team has seven chances to get the goal, But they have to go head to head against the goaly who has to save those shots that they take. In the dieing moments of the match a goal was scored by Andreaze Iniesta, and the Spain fans when wild. That was the first time they had won the FIFA world cup. They had been in the finals lots of times but this is their first time winning. The Netherlands were complaining that he was offside but the referee said "No it was as goal". So up they went to collect there trophy. When they won it they lifted up their coach. It was a very happy moment for them. My favourite player in their team is Fernand Torres. On the news they said it will next be hosted in BRAZIL.