Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Run!!

“To be honest I don’t want to do the fun run” I said. On Wednesday the year 7 & 8’s of Pt. England School had a fun run. It was to fundraise for our year 8 camp which was coming up near the end of the year. Not a lot of people were excited for it but we all had no choice. It was 5 kilometers long.

In the first lap I was running with my friends and I couldn’t be bothered doing the run. We were with my phone and listening to music. Every time we went passed a teacher we paused our songs. In our 2nd lap, we stopped our music but we were too close to one of our teachers and she snapped us and took the phone off us.

In our second lap 2 of my friends left us because we were holding them back. It was only me, my friend Ahsin and my other friend Kingston. We were running at a good pace but my other friends kept on stopping and so I left them to go by myself. I started to run further and further away from them.

In the 4th lap I was way ahead of my other friends and I was really proud of myself for how far I ran. In the last and final lap, I almost did the whole lap without walking but when I caught up to my friend, I stopped for a while. I was almost finished and so I decided to start running until the end.

The fun run was an awesome run and it also got my fitness up. I can’t wait till cross country.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country!!

“We have cross country today” Kitiona said to me. I was so scared because I don’t like cross country, and I don’t think anyone does. Throughout the week I was sick and I didn’t know about. My mum didn’t want me to do anything active because I had just recovered. So I was safe from the cross country run.

Our teacher was going around putting our house names and our year number on our hands and she was going to go past me any second. I was thinking of want to say so I couldn’t do the cross country. “What house are you?” She asked me. “Miss, I thought I wasn’t running”
“Who said that?”
“I just thought I wasn’t running?”
I was surprised because I thought that I was going to have to do it.

The year 8’s were the last ones to race, so during the little kids races, the house captains and some other helpers including me and other people, were helping to cheer on the little kids and help motivate our runners. “Who rock the party, who rock the party, TAINUI rock the party that rocks the party. When I say TAI you say NUI, TAINUI, TAINUI” That is what we said for our chants.

It was almost time for the Year 8 boys race. I was thinking of doing the run because I was going to be OTL (Only the lonely) and I didn’t want to because it was going to be boring. So I decided to do the race. I ran with my friend Ahsin and we didn’t come last, we came 4th to last.

Cross country was cool and it was fun as well. i can’t wait to do it next year.

Monday, August 12, 2013

John Farrell (Singer Song Writer)

John Farrell is a singer songwriter, author, and peace educator who has released 7 CDs of stories and songs. He has been awarded the Parents Choice Silver Honors Award, and a Dove Foundation Award. John Farrell has been doing presentations to thousands of schools all around the world and has been an inspiration to many people.

He has been to countries like Japan, Ukraine, Spain, South Africa and many more countries all over the globe. He has been a key presenter at many conferences. John Farrell  has a part of the International Reading Association, the European Council of International Schools, the Tokyo Early Childhood Association and a whole lot more.

The songs and stories that he has produce have mainly been about living peacefully around the world and advertising literacy. He is also the founder of Bridges of Peace and Hope and has been an inspiration to many people around the world.

I am looking forward to this Thursday because it will be interesting to find out  a whole lot more about these people, including John Farrell.

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