Friday, September 28, 2012

Tommy Kapai Williams

This was created by Crusader, Darius, and Marvin

Social Yr 7/8 2012

On Thursday the 13th of September 2012, the year 7 and 8’s had a CRAZY night at our social. We did lots of fun stuff like dougie contests, cat daddy contests, conga lines, and many more fun stuff.

It was so fun when I came because when I came, they just started the cat daddy contest. I joined in once and I could hear everyone cheering for me? But then our two prefects botsed it (came out of the blues). I had to admit that they were pretty good. One of them had to win and it was our prefect named Samson.

I was so hungry and when the year 7 boys got called up to get their sausage sizzle and drink, I rushed up to our tuck shop to receive it. “HMMMMM, THIS IS SOOOO BEAUTIFUL”, I said to my friend Darius. I had one dollar left to buy me another I you know what a did next. I LOVED THE FOOD!! “Time to dance again” I said.

When the music played I knew it was time to throw my moves on the dancefloor. Azonto, Gangnam Style, Dougie, you name and I did it. I had so much fun dancing. The best part was dancing with all the girls. I asked all the girls if they wanted to dance with me. Guess what they all said? “YES”. It was finally time to leave. I had a great time and everyone took one more photo together and off we went. “Later Kingston, later Darius, later Starford” I said to everyone. I didn’t really want to go home. I wanted to do the all nighters, but unfortunately, we had school the next day.

I had a ‘GREAT’ time at our social and lots of fun. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR NEXT YEARS ONE!!

Mini Olympics

“Man look at my jumper, it’s so wet,” my friend said to me as we finally got to the hall for our Mini Olympics. The Mini Olympics is when the classes from Team 4 and Team 5 get together and do lots of cool sports, which is kind of like the Olympics. This is so the teachers can go around our school to check out how our other teachers from the lower grade teach. Unfortunately we couldn’t do as much of the stuff we got to do because it was raining that day.

As we walked to the hall, the rain was pouring down as if we were having a shower. It was so wet that day and I really wanted to go home and have a proper shower. I didn’t want to get wet because I would've got the flu and I wanted to play lots.

We did lots of fun activities, like singstar, obstacle course, and many more fun things. My favourite was the obstacle course. It was fun because I liked all the obstacles that we did like jumping over things and going under things, kicking a soccer ball and getting a soccer goal in. It was fun.

I had lots of fun and I really want to do a olympic day.