Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Joseph Parker

In Term 4 week 1 our extension teacher [Mrs. Tele'a] gave us a task of picking a game and a athlete and compare them to a bug. We had to compare them to a bug because Pt. England's theme this term is Little Critters. Here is my movie. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Cousins First Birthday

“ Quick quick quick we are going to be late for the birthday” I said. On Saturday I went to My cousin Diegos first birthday. We had to dress up as Ben 10. I just got me a plain green t-shirt, some shoes and my black jeans. It was boiling that day.

We got there and I was nervous because I wasn’t use to seeing those people there. “I’ll come with you guys” I said to my cousin. I said hi to everybody and then helped my cousin set up his D.J set. My other cousin came around with some fruit kebabs with chocolate and I had three of them.

Excitedly we said a prayer to get ready to eat. We ate some BBQ., potato salad, some sausage rolls and a lot more. After that we had a game of musical chairs. I made it pretty far. Full of disappointment I got out. Tiredly we played our last game and when I heard that it was a piniata I was bursting with excitement.

It was my first time doing it. We had to get blind folded and get the sword tied to our hand. You could only get three shots. It was my turn and people were telling me “Go left go right,” I didn’t get it but my cousin did and everyone grabbed the lollies of the ground.

The wonderful party was over and everyone started to go home. It was great and I cant wait for his second birthday.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Blackbeard (Edward Teach), was a notorious pirate. He began his pirating career at 1716, but died at 1718. his ship was called Queen Anne’s Revenge. He pillaged their precious cargo like tobacco, dyes, sugar and gold.

Blackbeard had a menacing appearance. He was strapped with knives and pistols. He always drank a concoction of rum and gunpowder before he ordered his men to attack. He had a braided beard, shaggy black hair, smoking fuses and a crimson jacket

Friday, November 19, 2010

Year 7’s Getting Their Net-Books

“WOW” I said as the Year 7’s were receiving their net-books. Every year 5-13 in the Tamaki Cluster Schools will hopefully get a net-book each. I can’t wait till we get our one.

There are many benefits about getting net-books and they are that we can take them home and work on our writing and you can do your work in the holidays. Another good reason for you to go on is that you have the freedom and you don’t have to ask anybody.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


With great difficulty I squeezed into the life jacket Chris gave me. This is cold” I said to my friend. Eagerly awaiting to go into the pool, Chris helped me adjust life jacket. My friend Chante was chattering excitedly to me and just before I got reply every body had to line up ready to make their way inside the pool.

Chris is a Great swimming teacher he is a helper at water safety NZ he is going to teach as about water safety every Wednesday until it is the end of the term.

As I hopped into the pool my teeth started to chatter like beaver gnawing at wood. After a while i got used to it and and the chatter of my teeth started to die down. When all of us were in the pool we had to practise our help position all around the pool , we were crashing bumping into each other while doing that. Some activities that we were doing were a recap of the ones last week.

Another activity was when we all had to get in a huddle and sing the national anthem. Chris our instructor was spinning us around in a circle it was fun. After awhile we had free time. Chante, Jay’lee and I sang ring a ring a Rosie. After that we had to go “I cant wait to go next week” I said to Miss Squires. One of the games we played was a five second frenzy, with our life jackets on. It was hard because the life jacket forced us to float on top of the water.