Thursday, May 27, 2010


STATE OF ORIGIN the interstate champion ship. The first game is already over and QUEENSLAND had it for 80 minutes, BUT it doesn't mean that it is over for the NEW SOUTH WALES. There is still to more games to go and if NEW SOUTH WALES get it then it of to one more game. There will be one more game and who ever wins that game takes it out for this years STATE OF ORIGIN but if Queensland take it out in next weeks this would
be there fifth year STRAIGHT beating NEW SOUTH WALES. I am going for NEW SOUTH WALES because they got good players in their team like Jonathen Thurston and Billy Slater and Willie Tonga Greg Inglis Sam Thaiday. Now I will name the good players in NEW SOUTH WALES, there is Jarad hayne, Brett Morris and Anthony Watmough and many more. My best Highlight for STATE OF ORIGIN is last year when a QLD player kicked the ball in his own team mates face.


  1. Hi Crusader

    I enjoyed reading this blog post. It sounds like you are really into league. I wonder if it has anything to do with your cool name? How are your Saturday games going? All the best for the season.

  2. Hi Crusader

    Yeah we lost the first game but no worries we are GOING TO WIN THE NEXT TWO GAMES!!!!!! YEAH!!! I enjoyed reading this post but check out my blogposts.
    GO THE BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great post Crusader! You gave lots of information to help people to understand how the State of Origin series works. Thanks for that. I like the way you are supporting your team. Mrs Burt

  4. Thank you for commenting on my blog you guys. Waata man, QLD is going to win man. Thank you Mrs. Burt and Mrs.Langitupu for commenting.

  5. Hey guys. Thanks for the comments I really appreciate it from you guys.


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