Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Muhammad Ali

From the red corner, he is fast, he is quick and he is the best boxer in his time thats right he is MUHAMMAD ALI!!! He is the best in the world and this is his story (well I think).

When Muhammed was only twelve years old in the American state of Kentucky someone stole his bike. So he went to a nearby gym to ask for some help. While he was there he saw some men boxing and he thought he would like to try it. He trained hard for six weeks and after that he won his first fight.

Ali's parents called him "CASSIUS CLAY" but he changed his name to Muhammed Ali when he became a Muslim in 1964 when he was twenty-two. In the year he became a Muslim is the same year he beat Sonny Liston for the Heavyweight Campion of the World. The cool thing about this fight is that he beat Sonny Liston first minute first round.

After he became a Muslim he refused to be in the army and that is what made him very unpopuler. His world title was taken away from Joe Frazier in 1967 and wasn't aloud to box for three years.

When wasn't aloud to box again, he tried to get his title back but he lost to Joe Frazier. He had another try in 1974 and he beat Goerge Foreman ( another really great boxer) to show he was still the greatest. He liked making up sayings. He told everyone "I am the greatest. I float like a butterfly and Sting like a bee.

Ali stoped boxing. He had now won 56 fights with 37 knockouts. He lost 5 times, he is the only boxer to win the world heavyweight campion three times.

In 1984 Ali was sick with Parkinsons Disease, but he still travels the world meeting his many fans.

Muhammed Ali was chosen to light the flame at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996. Did you know that Muhammed Ali used to tell people in which round he would win in. When he boxed the British Champion, Henry Cooper, he said he would win in the fifth round and he did.

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  1. Hey Crusader. Great post! I love sports and Muhammed Ali is one of my all time favourite sportsman. I just love the way he was so confident and had the skills to match his confident talk. I have some DVDs of some of his bouts and his speed and footwork is still a joy to watch. His nickname as a boxer was "the Greatest" and its hard to argue with that!


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