Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spain Wins The FIFA World Cup

"YAAH" Spain wins the FIFA World Cup for the first time. It was Netherlands and Spain in the finals. It was over but they had 30 extra minutes to get a goal. If each team didn't get a goal by then it will be a penalty goal shoot. A penalty goal shoot is when each team has seven chances to get the goal, But they have to go head to head against the goaly who has to save those shots that they take. In the dieing moments of the match a goal was scored by Andreaze Iniesta, and the Spain fans when wild. That was the first time they had won the FIFA world cup. They had been in the finals lots of times but this is their first time winning. The Netherlands were complaining that he was offside but the referee said "No it was as goal". So up they went to collect there trophy. When they won it they lifted up their coach. It was a very happy moment for them. My favourite player in their team is Fernand Torres. On the news they said it will next be hosted in BRAZIL.

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