Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Celebrities, everyone wants to be them. I have many favorite celebrities in movies and in the music industry. Theres Chris Brown, Jay - Z, Asap Rocky and many more of my favorite celebrities. When I grow up I would like to be famous for playing in the NRL

 When you are celebrity, you get everything. You can get the coolest phones, the newest games, and you can even get the coolest clothes. Growing up, I have always wanted to sign signatures on peoples faces and on their arms and everywhere. It sounds like a cool life being a celebrity.

On youtube, I have seen lots of interviews of some celebrities, and some of them say that they like being famous, but they also want to live a normal life. I don’t know why they say that, because that is everything that they have ever wanted. But obviously, I don’t know anything about being a celebrity.

Like I said before, I would like to be a professional rugby league player when I grow up. The team I would like to play for is the Canberra Raiders because they are my favourite team. I want to play prop as my position. I can get the ultimate of a rugby league player, but I won’t get to see my family much.

Celebrities are awesome and the life of being a celebrity is why I want to be one.

I got the Canberra Raiders photo from this site:

I got the ASAP ROCKY photo from this site:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Harlem Shake

Do you know what the Harlem Shake is? Harlem shake it is a world wide international virus like dance. There are many versions if this dance on youtube. One word to describe this dance is CRAZY! And that is exactly why I love this dance.

In fact, My class, Room 21 made our very own Harlem shake video and you can watch it on my blog. We made this video because at our school, we were having a competition, and it was, whoever made the funniest video, won. It was really fun making this video because our class could just let loose and get CRAZY in class.

What would I change about the Harlem Shake? NOTHING! It’s just so amazing already. Its cool, it’s funky, and once again, it’s crazy. Everyone around the world does great videos. There is a skydiving edition, WASHING MACHINE edition, even an underwater edition, and many more crazy editions of this dance.

There are other cool things on youtube to watch, but for me personally, Harlem Shake is the best thing to watch for me.
Room 21 Harlem Shake from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Assembly With STKS

“We will be having a special guest today” I was really excited to find out who it was. Was it a rugby player, was it a musician, was it a magician, who knew. I wanted it to be a rugby player. “Come out STKS”. Who is STKS? I was thinking to myself.

He came out with a guitar and to be honest, I wasn’t really excited for this. As he was introducing himself, I was slowly getting hooked into him because he was so funny. He sounded real fob and some of his sentences didn’t make sense, but I knew he was doing that to entertain all of us. His hair-cut was really funky and it suited him. I was actually excited for him to start singing.

His first song that he sang was could rhythm and brown. The song that he was singing was from the movie, The Sound of Music (you can watch it on). I knew it sounded familiar. I was laughing so hard I was going to cry. Everyone was laughing, and even some of the year 7 and 8’s.

That was his last song that he sang. To be honest, the assembly was really boring after that. Lucky for us, one of our teachers Miss. Va’afusuaga called him out for one more song. It was kind of like a mashup of songs. It was No One by Alicia Keys, Price Tag by Jessie J, and Irreplaceable by Beyonce. It sounded really cool and I didn’t want to stop singing because I was in that buzz.

That assembly with STKS was really one to remember because it was fun in many ways. I would love to have him come again.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Day Everything Dissapeared

Rain was pouring from the sky as if I turned on the shower. It hasn’t been like this in years. All I could see was rain pouring on the skytower (we live at a house where it had a perfect view of the skytower). Rumours have been going around that on a day like this, something really bad is going to happen. It was called ‘CRUSADER DAY’. It wouldn’t of been today that something bad was going to happen. ‘POOF’. “What was that” I said as I quickly turned my head around.

My little brother Starford just fell on the ground. He started crying as if his eyes were clouds. “Where did the couch go” I said. ‘POOF’. “Did you hear that Starford” I said (there was no point talking to him). I heard it from two stories up in our house. The glass shaking as I was rushing to the elevator with Starford. “I gotta go find out what that is” I thought to myself. I ran as fast as I could to go to my room. Nothing was in there. My 6 iPads were gone, my 3 ps4’s were gone, my 10 iPhone 5’s were gone, everything was gone. My eyes were wide open, “CRUSADER DAY” I thought to myself.

‘POOF’ I heard it again. Mum and dads car parked outside, I quickly went to rush over and to the window and check and, the sky tower was gone. As I went downstairs to turn on the news, mum and dad walked in with the shopping, and it just disappeared. “The sky tower, statue of liberty everything has gone missing” The news man said. ‘POOF’, “MUM I CANT BREATH” I said to my mum struggling. The air disappeared. What were we going to do? We went to NASA to get some air tanks and as soon as we breathed in those air tanks, the sky tower came back. I knew how to solve this problem.

As quickly as I could I ran floated to the news station to tell everyone to go to NASA and get air tanks. “One breath of one person can bring back one thing, so hurry up”. ‘AAAHHHHH’ it sounded like everyone was choking and saying ahh at the same time. Everything came back and all we needed was a person to breath in so we could get air back, but everyone had already breathed in. I turned around and saw my little brother Starford with a really really purple face. I quickly grabbed a air tank for him, and everyone just dropped from the ground.

I was the hero of that day, because I saved everyone. That was an adventurous day, but it was also the most craziest day of my life, and I don’t ever want that to happen again.