Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bigfoot Adventures

As soon as morning tea finished I saw cones on the courts, ramps on the fields and bikes on trailers. It was Bigfoot Adventures telling us how to be safe on a bike.

There was two guides and they were Tony and Adrian. First Tony was telling us the precautions for bikes while we were listening attentively. While we were listening to him he called out Starford to show us how to carefully adjust our helmets. Following that he told us the correct safety equipment like a helmet, bright coloured clothing and our chains for the bikes so we were in good order to ride.

When we were riding on our bikes we had to do this obstacle course and when Tony showed us how to do it , he went over the ramps and around the cones. When it was our turn to do the obstacle course I wibbled and wobbled around the cones and I said "WOAH"!!! I finished the obstacle course and then gave it to Waata.

When we finished our obstacle course we went of to the courts to learn some hand signals like stop and putting our hands out to the left and right. It was finally our turn to begin the hand signal course. As I started to pedal down the alley of cones I put my hand out to the left and said "1 banana 2 banana 3 banana" Cafully I put my hand back down and turned to the left. Turning the corner with ease Tony showed us a little game when Tony pulls out a card and we have to turn around and tell him what it is before hand signalling and turning. It was so cool.

Finally it was sadly over. I hadreally liked it. I hope for them to come back next year. Learning about bike safety and ding all the activities. The best was the obstacle course.

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