Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Reflection

2012 HAS BEEN A GREAT YEAR!! This year was my first year as being a intermediate student. It was hard, but fun at the same time. Me and my mates had a blast this year in everything, sports, in class, in extension, everywhere really. We had our ups and downs but we still had fun.

I had lots of HIGHLIGHTS like in sport. Our open weight year 7 and 8 team went all the way to the semi finals and sadly lost. We won our eastern zone tournament for rugby, and for sevens. We had lots of good forward's a back's this year. IT WAS GREAT

Another thing that was cool for me this year was in extension. We did lots of cool things this year like entering movie making competitions and we did lots of awesome activities inside extension. Like pictionary, charades, and lots of other cool and fun stuff, I HAD A BLAST IN EXTENSION!!

Last but not least, MY FRIENDS! I made lots of new friends this year in year 8. And this year I bonded really well with girls. My favorite thing to do with all my friends this year was to play handball together. There was no cheating or anything that caused beef, and thats what made it great. Sadly some of my close year 8 friends are leaving to there colleges next year.

This year has been awesome. and I can't wait for 2013.

My Friend Description

This person is very coo, to be around with. He has the best personality and nobody knows this but he can dance. He is really funny and he is the best dougie dancer I'VE EVER MET. Once again he is really funny and he can be around anyone, no matter who it is.

Kingston is very good to work with because he can do things properly and on time. He is never getting in trouble and he is always smiling. He has moved to Australia to live and I probably won't see him again.