Friday, May 31, 2013

Energy Drink Argument!

Energy drinks are used everyday by different people. There are good things about it and there are bad things about it. I am against energy drinks because when you are at a young age, if you drink too much then you can die from it. I found out that they haven't approved Red Bull in France because of the death of a 18 year old irish athlete.

One of the main ingredients in every energy drink is caffeine. Lots of people around the world die because of too much caffeine in there body. In the year 2011, a young girl died at the age of 14. She drank 24 ounces of The Monster energy drink. Which is 480 mg of caffeine.

There are many of sickness you can get from having too much energy drinks. One of the effects of having too much is a disease called heart arrhythmia. Usually you heart beats 50 to 100 times per minute. But when you have heart arrhythmia, your heart beats less than 50 times.

Another bad thing that energy drinks is that they are addictive. They are addictive because of all of the caffeine in it. Caffeine is a drug that people can get easily addicted to. The reason why caffeine is so addictive is because people don’t enjoy having it so they continue using it.

These paragraphs tell you why I am against energy drinks.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Mini Project!!

Cereal Investigation from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Recently in extension, we had a task to right down a daily diary about what we did when we woke up, to the end of the day. During this, we had to write down one thing that we wondered about everyday. It could be what we did, used or ate. We had to research about this and do lots of things to find out about what we wondered about, kind of like an investigation. This is my movie about what I wonder about everyday. ENJOY!!


America is one of the biggest countries in the world, and they are one of the top countries in the world with obesity. Many people’s diets in America are bad, and lots of people die at young ages because of this. New Zealand is the  third fattest country in the world and we are a small nation.  That is bad.

What does obesity mean to me?

Obesity is when someone is overweight for their age. I found out that if you are in between 2 and 8 years of age, it is most likely for you to not get it when you are an adult. But if you are in between the ages of 10 to 18 then you have a bigger chance of suffering from obesity when you grow into an adult.

How do you become obese?

You can get obesity from eating lots of junk food like, burgers, chips, drinking sodas, and many more fattening things. And on top of that you don’t do any exercises during the day. It is all caused by a food addiction and compulsive overeating.  

What are the effects of obesity?

Obesity can cause a lot of sickness. If you eat too much fatty food, then it can block your arteries and even worse, you can lose some of your limbs. When you get big, you can’t move, you can get stuck on your couch forever and you have to get one of your family members to change you.

My conclusion to this report is, if you’re young you have to start training or else you will be obese when you get older.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's Really In Our Food? Eggs

New Zealanders eat two and a half million eggs a day. This amounts to 920,000,000 per year. There are 3 main ways that eggs are produced: Caged, Free Range, and Barn. We investigated what really is in our eggs.

People like to eat their eggs in many different ways. Poached, scrambled, fried, and lots more. But in New Zealand, more people like their eggs poached better than any other way to eat it. Probably because it is cooked in water and it is very healthy for you, and it might be because it tastes better.

In New Zealand, we do not import eggs from overseas because there might be lots of salmonella in the eggs. Luckily here, all our eggs are good to eat and all the chickens are healthy and very delicious.

Eggs have a thing in it called b12. It is a vitamin. An egg has ½ of b12 we need per day. If we do not have enough b12 in our body then it can cause fatigue, you can tire out easily and many more bad things can happen to you. B12 is important for you and it is good to have lots of eggs.

Eighty nine percent of the eggs we buy are from caged hens.  It is because they are cheaper than other eggs. The thing about caged hens is that they don’t treat them fairly. They put six hens in one cage and the cage is on an angle so that when the eggs come out, the eggs roll down. If the hens get close to the eggs, there is a electric wire that stops them from harming the eggs and that is not humane.

The thing about free range hens is that they can do whatever they want and like run around, perch, and dust bath. a dust bath is kind of like a chickens version of a shower so if they don’t have a dust bath to wash of all the insects and dust then they will be very dirty. Free range eggs taste better as well but they are expensive.

Eggs are good for you and I really had fun investigating about it.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Nutritional Information Investagation

This week Room 21 had to find out the nutritional information behind 4 packet of chips and compare them. This is what I found out.

What I found out about this comparison is that the Cookie time cookie gives more energy and the Chocolate Milk only gives less.

What I found out about this comparison is that the Tiny Teddy's had more sugar but the Rice Wheels had more salt.

I had lots of fun investigating about the nutritional information.

Three healthy sandwhiches

These are three healthy sandwiches that I created

Sandwich 1

-White Bread

Sandwich 2

-French Stick
-Salt and Pepper

Sandwich 3

-Pita Bread
-Shredded Chicken
-Salt and pepper

Holiday Highlight Movies

“Yes we are going movies”. In the holidays I went to the movies. I watched Iron Man 3. Those movies are both great movies to watch. I had a lot of fun because I went with my cousins, my brother and my sister.

When we went to the movies, we were going to watch Iron Man 3. I was really excited to go and watch this movie because I’ve heard that it was an awesome . Luckily for us, our cousin worked at Hoyts and so we got a lot of food and drinks for a low price. “Thank you” I said to my cousin. “Finally, I’ve been waiting to watch this for ages” and then we went.

Each step I took into the cinema, I got more and more anxious to seal my eyes to the movie screen. My brother and my sister thought that we were late because we went into the theater at a late time. We were walking as fast and as steady as we could to our seats and when we got there we realised that it was the advertisements in the beginning.

My favourite bit of the whole movie was when he had no one to back him up and he had no suit on and then all of his iron mans that he created came to the rescue kind of like an army. It looked so amazing how they all came and how he rescued his wife. It was a great movie.

It was an awesome
movie and I can’t wait to watch another one.

WILL.I.AM Comes to Pt. England School

“Wonder who it’s going to be” Today at Pt. England school we were going to have a special guest come into our school to give us a cheque worth of one hundred thousand dollars. The day before the special guest came to our school, we didn’t know who it was and how much the money was. I couldn’t wait to see who it was.

I was personally excited because all the prefects got to greet the celebrity into our school and shake our hand. I thought it was going to Stan Walker or any celebrity from New Zealand, But I didn’t know anything. Mr. Burt said that if he told anyone the secret celebrity wouldn’t come and we wouldn’t get a cheque. We were going to find out who it was the next day, I COULDN’T WAIT!

It was finally time to meet our special guest. I was really excited to see who it was going to be. Everyone gathered into the school hall all excited to see who it was going to be. 5 of the prefects were outside waiting to greet in our special guest. There were flashes of lights everywhere and large video cameras were everywhere. “I know you guys have been excited about the celebrity that’s coming” Mr. Burt said. “Well you are going to find out right now” Goosebumps starting arriving on my arms and it was WILL.I.AM. WOW who would ever think it was going to be him, and I get to shake his hand.

He got greeted into our school with our kapa haka group and our senior hip hop crew. Both performances were amazing. Then WILL.I.AM had a turn of talking. He was talking about how he grew up in a poor neighborhood and how he had no dad. His story was very inspiring and it pushed me to push harder at my dream.

I can’t wait til
l another celebrity comes to our school.