Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This term Pt. England school have been learning about Active Earth. To show that the extension group have been learning about it we put a movie together about the Mt. Tarawera explosion. we had teams to work in and different parts to do about it. So we made all our movies and put them all in iMovie09. This is our part of the movie. If you don't know what is happening it is the Omen waka which was part of the story.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mt.Tarawera Project Reflection

This term The extension group from Pt. England School were doing a project about Mt. Tarawera because our theme this term was !!!ACTIVE EARTH!!!. We had different parts to do in our teams and this is my reflection of it.

The positive aspect was that we had a preety good team. We worked together hard and we did our work untill we finished our parts of the project. Our team was good at working together and finding out a way to delete one of our ideas and bring in one of our ideas to make our part good and interesting.

The thing that I think I did wrong was the voice-over. When we went in to the office to do it I had this part I did not want to do so me and Kingston swaped places. When Mrs. Tele'a came in I was just sitting there but when she went out I started to be silly. I did lots of mistakes while we were doing the voice-over.

The most interesting part for me was Waata and Makerita's team. That was interesting to me because they are year fives and they got alot of their work done and put into a iMovie before our group was even finished. Makerita was good in their team because she worked hard and she did all of work.