Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Letter To Fleabus"

We read a story called "Letters To Fleabus" and this is my wanted poster. The $100 prize is not
Last Seen: At Our New House 43 Wood Street
Phone Number: 276-315-1411
Name of Cat: Fleabus

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why Do Babies Need More Sleep Then Grown Ups?

Babies require more sleep than adults. The smaller the baby the more sleep they need.

When babies are little they do nothing but sleep and eat. They are always growing while they are sleeping. Young children also grow but not as fast as babies. They don’t need as much sleep as a baby, but they do need more sleep then adults.

Grown ups need sleep for a period of rest for their bodies. While they are sleeping the cells that a worn are being replaced. As long as they get more sleep, grown ups are ready for work the next day.

The bodies of grown ups only need food for energy. But bodies of babies need food for growing bones and muscles. Bodies of babies also need food for energy when they start turning 2 and 3.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Are Hieroglyphics?

Hieroglyphics are hard to say, pronounce and spell. They are two Greek words, which means sacred carving. Hieroglyphics are familiar objects which are drawn to represent words, syllables or sounds.

Hieroglyphics were made on the marks on temples and palaces in Egypt. These buildings were made thousands of years ago, still stand today.

In 1799 a large stone appeared in Egypt. It was called the Rosetta Stone. The Rosetta Stone was written on a stone because they didn't have paper. It was written in Hieroglyphics and no one could read it. The stone was a decree, which was for a crowning of a king. Luckily underneath was a different language called the Demotic, and under that was Greek writing. A French professor discovered the Hieroglyphics and could read many more of them.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Were The Spatans
Spartans lived in Ancient Greece. They were always honest and courageous and loved freedom.

Two boys at the age of seven, were trained only were war. They both had long hair and had no luxuries. They got taken from their families. The boys learned nothing so they went to be policeman then on to solders.

Spartans fought all the time, either for themselves or for other city’s that payed them. The work were done for them by men and women captured by the Spartans. They were called Helots

The women of Sparta were very tough. They would always feast and celebrate when a death of a son were killed. If a son came back and had lost a war, the women would sometimes kill them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Christchurch Message

Earlier this year a devastating earthquake demolished Christchurch, so me and my friends had made a movie for them to try and make them fell a lot better. Here it is.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan's Double Disaster,r:4,s:0

In the weekend a terrifying force of nature hit Japan. Their was a earthquake which was magnitude 8.9. Not even that, the earthquake caused a tsunami which engulfed most of the city with water, it was a double disaster.

The earthquake hit the pacific ocean of Japan. It didn’t really do much damage to the houses because they are built specially for earthquakes. A 6.3 earthquake also hit the main city of Honshu.

Straight after the earthquake appeared, a tsunami unexpectedly hit just of the coast of Japan as well. The wall of water completely annihilated the north east of Japan, it was a terrifying sight.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cricket Coaching

Yes it’s finally cricket time. Every Thursday Room17 have cricket with two guys named Hamit and Robin who work for the NZC (New Zealand Cricket) teach us how to play cricket.

One day we learned how to do a shot called the front foot drive. When we did that shot we to hit the tennis ball between the cones, I think I did NOT do that well, I didn’t even hit it between the cones. It was still fun. I still have alot more to learn.

After that we had a game of cricket. We all got to have two shots each (it wasn’t like a real game of cricket). When it was my turn I only got about four or five runs, but my friend Ashin hit two MASSIVE hit, but Hammit always bowled the ball. It was really fun.

I still have alot more to learn from them.