Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Experiment

As I was watching the video of the experiment with Mr.Barks showing us the pressure of dried-ice I was so excited to watch the rest of it. I wish I had been there, I just couldn't wait for the bomb to explode. "What bomb I hear you ask?" Well in this bomb you needed dried-ice, a bottle, a mitten and some water (the water sped up the process).

First Mr. Barks got out the dried-ice from the chili bin. He wore the mittens so he wouldn't burn himself woth the dried-ice. Mr barks told them that the dried-ice was 78.5 degrees celsius.

Mr.Barks put his safty gogles on so he wouldn't get hurt. Another safty thing was he tightly screwed the lid so it wouldn't explode early.

The explosion was going to happen so Mr. Barks put the bottle down and the kids counted to to 21 "BOOM"!!! The bottle exploded into pieces. They did it a second time but this time they put his mitten over and they counted to 25 this time to. "BOOM" (again) and all the stiches came of . It was so cool.

I would like Mr. Barks to this again but this time with the extension people.

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