Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country Day

As I was waiting on the courts for our turn to race I was shivering with cold in my jumper. I was nervous and anxious to get this race over and done with. I am sure everyone had a goal and my goal was to beat Kingston, I beat him last year and I wanted to do it again this year. I had butterflies in my stomach as my legs were shaking and my heart was racing, until finally Miss. Jarman called us up to get ready for the race.

We were standing and waiting and standing and waiting then “BANG!!!” the clappers went and we sprinted of. I sprinted as hard as I can because I was squished between the bunch of boys. They were pushing and shoving as I started to pick up the pace. My legs were pumping as I started to leave people behind. Kingston was beating me but I still ran to catch up to him and finally beat.

The race was about to finish and I caught up to Kingston and Waata but we decided to all finished at the same time. We were walking and people started to pass us, but then I said “When we get to the fence lets run again. We were near the fence and Waata sprinted off, but me and Kingston and I finished at the same time. It was finally over and I was dehydrated. I had a dry mouth as I was dying for thirst. I knew that I gave it my all and I was happy that it was over. We went to wash our feet and watched the other races finish. I was happy that it was over.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In Term 3, the extension group once again did a exciting project. It was drawing maps. We didn't actually draw maps, we had to draw Mrs. Tele'a, our I.C.T teacher. We had to draw her in the angle that we were in. She was just like a still stick. From my angle it was hard because it was in front. The back people on the other hand, well that was easy because all they had to draw was her hair and the chair.Next time we will do this I think I will work on the things I use like the paint brush and the pencil and things. Here are some of our pictures that we drew. Some of them are in different angles.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the past few weeks of term 3, room fifteen had to do a project in groups.We had to pick a mariner because our theme this week are Mighty Mariners. We actually got the Polynesians but we wanted to swap with Christopher Columbus. In our group we had individual tasks. It was doing mouth talking, the way that they went and the ships that they went in. Here is my oart of the movie. I will post the whole movie when it is done. Enjoy.