Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What am I?

Today in extension, the group got to play a game called who am I. The game is played when you get a sticker on your fore head with anything on it. You then had to guess what was on your fore head. This game is very fun but also very hard. I took for ages to find out what I was. In this game, on our foreheads were careers and jobs. Unfortunatly, as you can see, on my forehead said that I was a fashion designer.

To get to be a fashion designer, you need to be able to have good taste in cloths and obvieously in fashion too. You also need to be able to be a good drawer and a awesome sketcher aswell, to sketch your designs on a paper to give to your designers. You could make alot of money out of this job, that's why loui vuitton and gucci get lot of money because their designers a great and what they have is great aswell.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Hi, my name is Crusader and I have drawn these four symbols that represent me and my hobbies. The first symbol, represents where I come from.  Obviously I come from Samoa. I love my ethnicity because of all the great things that you could do in this country, and all the great wonders in it like the beautiful holes and we also have the best food. This second symbol that I drew was of me listening to music. I love to listen to music any chance that I get. On the radio, on youtube. I know lots of the latest songs. I love to go to church with my parents. If my parents dont go, then I have to go with my grand parents. I go to sunday school every Sunday morning as well. My last symbol, shows me and my family. I love my family to death and will do anything for them. I am in the middle and my family is around me. Those are the four symbols that represent me and if you want to leave a comment on flickr then click here. Thank you.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Too often these days, people post photos on face book with little thought of the consequences. WE WANT YOU...TO BE CYBER-SMART!!!

 The reason why you should listen to me is because unfortunately, in the future, you might not get unemployed because of the negative footprints that you have left behind. Because of one photo that you have posted, people might think that you have a bad background and the job might not go to you.

Another reason why you shouldn’t post up photos of yourself is because other dodgy people might pick it up and try to connect with you (in a bad way). You might think that your settings are on private, but really it is not. From one press of a button, that photo will be exposed to the world. You might have to face some serious ramifications.

 The last reason why you should listen to the man himself is because, when you talk about someone on face book dis respectfully, you are actually making them feel bad. The person that you are saying it to, might do some bad things to them selves because of what you said about them. If you can’t say it to their face, then don’t say it on face book or to anyone else.

 So I urge you to listen to what I have been saying or else you will be facing some really bad consequences. THINK BEFORE YOU POST PEOPLE.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Hank took a photo of himself and flippantly posted it online. “No worries, my account settings are set on private so no one but my friends will see this” he thought. But really, because of one untrustworthy friend, it was shown to the whole world.

 He was disregarding the dangers of what was happening around. Unbeknownst to him everyone saw the picture that he uploaded. Once he found out that people around the world saw his photo, he regreted it because he couldn’t delete the photo off Facebook. “What if my family sees” he said to himself.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Poem About Me

I am a millionare dreamer
One day, I will win the lotto with my lucky numbers

I am a League Star
Best forward in my grade

I am a son
I want to make my parents proud

I am a brother
Love to make my siblings laugh

I am 11
Turning twelve this year

I am a joker
Making people laugh is what i love to do


Day at the Beach

I was shivering in the buffeting wind. Wrapped up in my blanket, I watched the waves get bigger bigger. With teeth chattering I asked myself, “Why did we come out here on this windy day?”.