Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Technology Challenge Part Two

Planning:First my group is going to roll up three pieces of paper into pipes, and then tape them up separately. We are then going to cut holes at the end and beginning of each paper. After that we are going to connect the pieces of paper together and then put the marble through the first tube.

What we did:As soon as we started making our track we straight away started rolling up pieces of news papers. After that we started to cut holes in them. Two holes in the small tube, two holes in the medium tube and one hole in the long tube. We didn’t end up completing the plan but it was still fun.


  1. Hi Crusader. Good to see the three of you coming up with a plan. I like the added feature of your diagram too. Helps me to understand more about your design. Even though you didn't complete the task, I hope you were inspired to think about it a bit further and problem solve. Malo lava Crusader.

  2. It sounded as though you followed your plan, why do you think it didn't work?


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