Friday, May 27, 2011

Koru Lounge in Wellington [Wellington Part Three]

Probably the best part of the whole Wellington trip was the Koru Lounge in Wellington. We got in and again iPads and  iPhones everywhere but it was okay; did I mention that we had our Net-books in our bags? When we got in Mrs. Burt told us that we could go back and forth to get more food and drinks, all for free. One thing Mrs. Burt told us not to do was to get a whole bunch of food on one plate.

Man it was awsome there, eating, drinking as many as we want. This one time when we had dessert, my friend Darius came in with two trifles on his plate. The best food there were this meat thing with rice which I had a million times. Koru Lounge was great and would love to go there just one more time

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