Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going to Wellington [Part One]

“Wake up now son, get ready now” my dad said to me. It was not a normal morning, on Thursday morning. I struck out of bed excited to go to Wellington. It was my first time for me to go Wellington so I was really really excited to go today, and to make it even better, I got to go with my mates.

First we got to go to the Koru Lounge in Auckland. I am not sure if it was the Koru Lounge because we went in our own private room which was even better. We went in to see biscuits muffins and a big jug of orange juice. That was like my breakfast because I didn’t have any in the morning so I had two shortbread cookies and two cups of juice, it was nice.

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  1. Excellent work!I bet being in the Koru lounge was exciting! Keep up the good work.

    Miss Ouano : )


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