Tuesday, September 24, 2013

D.L.O Reflection!!

911 James Crusader Starford from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Positive - In the past week, we got the task of creating a D.L.O about an event in history. The event in history that my group and I picked was the Twin Towers (9/11) terrorist attack on the USA. One of the good things in our movie was that we used more animation in this movie than in any of our other movies. Our animation in the background made the news report more interesting to watch. We also got the movie finished in time. We showed lots of different perspectives, from the perspective of Osama to the military and also news reporters. There was also a bit of humour in it. I think that our movie was quite entertaining because our audience liked it. We used some interesting angles and shots in our movie.

Minus - Something that was bad about our movie was that we didn’t finish our planning and that really was a struggle because we only had one day to finish it. We also didn’t show how it affected New York and the world and I think we could have conveyed that a whole lot better. The information that we found out could've been shown with more detail in our movie. Our animations also could’ve been more detailed as well.

Interesting - Something that was interesting to our audience was the news reporters part. People also found the Osama Bin Laden part interesting as well. We had the same two characters play the part of the terrorists and then the part of the American military.

This is our movie. Comment down below what you think of it.

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