Monday, August 26, 2013

Fun Run!!

“To be honest I don’t want to do the fun run” I said. On Wednesday the year 7 & 8’s of Pt. England School had a fun run. It was to fundraise for our year 8 camp which was coming up near the end of the year. Not a lot of people were excited for it but we all had no choice. It was 5 kilometers long.

In the first lap I was running with my friends and I couldn’t be bothered doing the run. We were with my phone and listening to music. Every time we went passed a teacher we paused our songs. In our 2nd lap, we stopped our music but we were too close to one of our teachers and she snapped us and took the phone off us.

In our second lap 2 of my friends left us because we were holding them back. It was only me, my friend Ahsin and my other friend Kingston. We were running at a good pace but my other friends kept on stopping and so I left them to go by myself. I started to run further and further away from them.

In the 4th lap I was way ahead of my other friends and I was really proud of myself for how far I ran. In the last and final lap, I almost did the whole lap without walking but when I caught up to my friend, I stopped for a while. I was almost finished and so I decided to start running until the end.

The fun run was an awesome run and it also got my fitness up. I can’t wait till cross country.


  1. Kia Ora Crusader,
    What a great post about cross country you did. I really like how you tried your best when your friends were holding you back. I hope you can keep up the good posts.

    From Gabriel

  2. Hello Crusader

    This is a really good blog post about our school Cross-Country. I enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work!


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