Monday, June 10, 2013

20h Famine 2013

“Yes it’s finally time for famine” I said. A famine is when people from around New Zealand volunteer to go 20 or 40 hours without food, and on Friday, my school did our 20 hour famine. I was really excited because we also had a sleepover at our school. We were doing the famine for the children in Bougainville Papua New Guinea. I was in team blue.

I was really anxious about the famine because on the same day, I had to go to a Rugby trial for Bill Mclaren East. I knew that I was going to get really really hungry. Straight after my trial I really wanted an energy drink but I remembered that I wasn’t aloud to or else that would be cheating. I knew that what I was doing for the children in Bougainville was good, so I just drank water.

After my shower I quickly rushed to the car because I was late. When I got to the car I saw my barley sugar and juice and I remembered that, those were the only two things we could have. I quickly grabbed my juice and started to skull it. I was really happy after that. My mum had to buy me another juice.

My favourite activity was the balloon popping game. It’s a game when we get into teams and we tie a string to a balloon and then tie that around our ankles. After that people vs each other to try and put other peoples balloon’s. It was really fun because no one could get me and I couldn’t get anyone as well.

Finally it was time to go sleep. The movie we watched was Wreck it Ralph. I watch that movie a thousand times at home so when I saw that we were watching that we were watching that I just went straight to sleep. I was the first person to go sleep as well because the day after that, I had to go to my rugby game.

The 20 hour famine was really really awesome and I can’t wait to do it next year.

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