Thursday, June 6, 2013

State of Origin 2013!

State of Origin is a competition where two teams go head to head to compete for the State of Origin shield. The teams are New South Wales Blues and Queensland Maroons and they represent parts of Australia. Whoever wins the best out of three games wins.

My favourite team is New South Wales. I use to go for Queensland because they have won the State of Origin 7 years in a row. But then I started going for New South Wales because Queensland always wins. I also like New South wales because they have some of the best players.

One of the best things about State of Origin is the fights and the big hits. The reason why I like all the fights and big hits is because it hypes all the players and all the fans up. It makes everyone want to play harder and that is why State of Origin awesome.

I really want New South Wales to win this year because Queensland have been winning for 7 years in a row and that is boring seeing them win every year. I really believe that New South Wales can do it this year because I have seen the team and it is awesome.

I can’t wait for the 1’st State of Origin game to see who wins.

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