Friday, November 23, 2012

The Bush Narrative

The sun was so hot that it was burning my skin. “Why did I have to wear black?” I asked myself. One thing I did know is that it was actually a good day for a hike. So I told the crew and we started packing for what was going to be a good day.

Off we went to a random forest. It was our first time doing this so we didn’t know what was safe and what wasn’t. “ Yo man haven’t you been hearing what was going on around this forest” My mate Tyga said to me, “Yeah” following the rest of the gang. Our enemies come to this forest. “Who” I said, “You know, Kanye West, B.I.G Sean, 2 Chainz, and all of them”. “Trust me, no one will come to the forest on the exact same day as us” I said.

So far, it had been a great day walking with the gang, then suddenly, “Well, well, well, well”. We were looking around for to looke who said that. When we looked back in the front it was our enemies. The G.O.O.D Music gang. They had always beat us in lots of things. We didn’t want to cause anything because we knew what was going to happen, A FIGHT. “YOu suck” Tyga said to them. That made them really mad because they knew and we knew that they were the best.

They all put on angry faces and suddenly, all the bodies from there gang formed and made one big massive man that was bigger than the tallest man in the world. We were so scared. My hands were shaking, my heart was pounding and we didn't know what to do. “What did you say” a big low voice said to us. “Nothing” We said. “You said that we sucked, so your going to pay”. What was going to happen, what this the last day of our lives, or was it the last day of their lives. What were we supposed to do.

One by one they started eating all of my people, and they were all gone. I was the last one standing. Once again I thought to myself what was I going to do. Finally I thought of something. They really hated the music that we made so luckily I bought my iPhone 5 and I played one of our songs. Slowly they started to come down to the ground and out came my crew again (Lucky they ate them in whole).

We all became a normal person again and they were really sad of what was going on between us and them, so they wanted to stop. “You know what?, I want to end this right here right now” they said. “Yeah, me too” said the rest of us. “So what, are we calling it, are we all friends now” Kanye West said. “Okay, lets do that” I said. And we all lived happily ever after.

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