Monday, November 19, 2012

Charles Fredrick Goldie

This painting that I have re produced is called Hori Pokai, Sleep Tis a Gentle Thing by Charles Frederick Goldie. This painting was created in 1933. Hori Pokai was a Warrior Chieftain of the Ngatimaru Tribe. The reason I picked this painting is because I love sleeping in. Not just that, but I think that Goldie put a lot of effort into the detail of the wrinkles and the shading is very cool. I hope you like my piece of artwork.

I have enjoyed
drawing and finding out about Charles Frederick Goldie, but the best thing that will come out of this is it will be shown in a art gallery from Tuesday to Thursday and starts at 7 pm and on Friday it will finish at 3pm. I have loved drawing this and finding out about my artist and this painting.

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