Friday, November 16, 2012

The Barn Narrative

“Ohh why did you drag me out here I was having such a great nap” I said to my step cousin Crusader. “We needed to get out of the house and do something fun” Crusader replied. So we did. I really didn’t want to go ‘BUT’ my other friend here Crusader was really excited about it. “Man, what's up with the weather today” Darius Said. The trees were swaying from side to side, there were grey clouds, dull skies, I was starting to think that it was a pretty dumb idea to come out here.

The mud under my feet leaving footprints like the CSI investigation program which I watched last night. Unfortunately I fell asleep through the program. I asked Crusader “That looks like a scary house like the house on slender man.” We should totally check it out” Crusader said excitedly “why can’t we just go home and play on the Ps3” I whined. “ You need to get some energy into you” Crusader advised.

   As we were approaching the barn, blood marks were all over the barn. “Hmm must of been the slaughter house” I said Nervously. All the animals had red eyes and sharp teeth but luckily they were fenced in. “I wonder where the farmer went?” “Hey is that him the?” Darius asked. Sheep gathered around this body of an old man with a white beard just lying there.

We slowly crept over towards the body and saw the sheep digging into the old man’s gut eating the flesh off. It was so horrible I started to gag so much that I thought I was going to spew on my mate next to me.wanted to spew on my mate next to me. Step by step, the animals walked towards us and we were so scared. So Crusader and I ran all the way back home.

We feel really bad because right now, at this moment, all the animals in the world are taking over the world and we are all dying. The End.

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