Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ben Carson A.K.A Gifted Hands

Benjamen Carson was born in Detroit Michigan. His mother Sonya dropped out of school when she was in her 3rd grade and got married at 13. At only 8 years old, Ben’s mother and father were divorced and Sonya was left to raise both her boys at once. She had to go to 2-3 jobs a day to provide for her boys, but she was hardly ever home with the Ben and his older brother.

 Ben and his brother were both far far behind in school. In the 5th grade, Ben was at the bottom of the class and people were calling him a dummy. It developed a violent uncontrollable temper. Their mother noticed that both her boys were failing in classes, so she was determined to change their lives around. She limited their television watching and didn’t let them outside untill they finished their homework. She got them to get two library books out and got them to read it. To prove that they have actually read the book, they had to write a summary for the books that they read. But Ben and his brother knew that with her poor education, she couldn’t read it.

 One day, Ben’s science teacher walked in with a rock and asked the class, “Does anyone know what this rock is?”. Ben was waiting for some of his classmates to put their hands up, but no, no one did, so Ben slightly raised his hand and everyone stared at him waiting for the answer. “I think that’s a obsidian rock”. “Yes that is correct Ben”. He had remembered it from one of the books that he read and from that moment on, Ben realised that he wasn’t so stupid at all. He started to amase his classmates with his knowledge and in 1 year, he went from the bottom of the class, to the top ofthe class. He was determined to be a physician. But their was one problem, he had to find a way to control his violent temper.


  1. Hello Crusader

    I really enjoyed this writing because it was complex and interesting. Ben Carson is a real inspiration. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Crusader

    I really enjoyed your writing because of how good you always put interesting things into it to make it sound Amazing, But you would have to check your work a bit better but keep up the good work Crusader.


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