Monday, March 26, 2012


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Sprinting like a cheetah I was off top start the AMAZING RACE!! One of activities was a Amazing Race and there were three main parts of the race that we had to do. IT WAS FUN!!

The first part of the race was a slingshot challenge. We had to make a slingshot with a piece of rubber, some string, and a piece of wood. Our group was struggling to make the slingshot and it was wasting our time. When we finally made it we, it was even HARDER to get points. That was our worst challenge, we got hardly any points but we did get close to the 100 point target.

The second activity was for our groups to make a hobo stove. It was so cool and all the items that we needed to make one was everywhere around Glen Innes. So we all split to get these items. The fire starter was at the YMCA pools (which is where I went), the egg to cook was at the bakery, The wood and the tin to cook the egg ON was at the Pt. England Reserve and the matches were at the school office. It took a lot of time to start the fire and we eventually got there. We shared the egg around our group and it was beautiful.

The 3rd and final activity was to spell the word RESPECT, but only using our body’s. It was a great and creative challenge to do, but it was also hard. At first we had trouble trying to do the R of respect, but when we FINALLY got it we spelt out the whole word. We then had to upload it to the computers and put them in Keynote. After we did that we had to put them in the correct order to spell Respect and then rush to the finish line. Our group was VICTORIOUS and we were all so happy.

This activity was great and I can’t wait to do it at the next year ⅞ camp.

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