Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's Really In Our Food? Eggs

New Zealanders eat two and a half million eggs a day. This amounts to 920,000,000 per year. There are 3 main ways that eggs are produced: Caged, Free Range, and Barn. We investigated what really is in our eggs.

People like to eat their eggs in many different ways. Poached, scrambled, fried, and lots more. But in New Zealand, more people like their eggs poached better than any other way to eat it. Probably because it is cooked in water and it is very healthy for you, and it might be because it tastes better.

In New Zealand, we do not import eggs from overseas because there might be lots of salmonella in the eggs. Luckily here, all our eggs are good to eat and all the chickens are healthy and very delicious.

Eggs have a thing in it called b12. It is a vitamin. An egg has ½ of b12 we need per day. If we do not have enough b12 in our body then it can cause fatigue, you can tire out easily and many more bad things can happen to you. B12 is important for you and it is good to have lots of eggs.

Eighty nine percent of the eggs we buy are from caged hens.  It is because they are cheaper than other eggs. The thing about caged hens is that they don’t treat them fairly. They put six hens in one cage and the cage is on an angle so that when the eggs come out, the eggs roll down. If the hens get close to the eggs, there is a electric wire that stops them from harming the eggs and that is not humane.

The thing about free range hens is that they can do whatever they want and like run around, perch, and dust bath. a dust bath is kind of like a chickens version of a shower so if they don’t have a dust bath to wash of all the insects and dust then they will be very dirty. Free range eggs taste better as well but they are expensive.

Eggs are good for you and I really had fun investigating about it.

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