Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Extreme Makeover Courtyard Edition

Drinking Fountain

In me and my partners team design we have put in a new drinking fountain. We have put that in because our old one is too small for us and our backs get sore. I need to contact Mr. Jacobson or Mr. Malloy to ask if they know any people to build drinking fountains because I can't any cheap prices for drinking fountains.

Smooth Ground (Smooth Concrete)

We have also put smooth concrete in our team design. My partner put that in because he thought that it would be better then the rough ground. I am also thinking of covering the grass outside our class room with the smooth ground. My dad can do it and a little help from Mr. Malloy would be great. All we need now is some cement and we are all sorted.

Wooden Deck

My partner decided to add a new deck to the steps. He thought that it would be good for hanging out if anything gets bored. My partner couldn't find any prices until he heard that you had to hire a builder to build or you could DIY.

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