Monday, November 25, 2013

S.E.R (Self Explaining Roads) Research!

What differences have you noticed around G.I streets?

In our extension class, we got the task of interviewing kids our age and kids younger about what they think of the SER streets. Self Explaining Roads. We created a survey online and we asked children those questions. We were doing to help our a lady from the University of Auckland.   

Background Research:
We had a class discussion including our teacher talking about SER streets. We also included little kids. We asked them questions like do you use streets or roads with islands, does your family have trouble driving out of your driveway, and lots more.

Prediction: I reckon that it will be easy for me to explain it to them because the questions were easy.
Observations: Interviewing the year 4’s was hard because they couldn’t understand the question and I think that they had trouble answering it as well. I also had to rephrase the question. It was also hard to explain to them what SER roads/streets were because they didn’t know what it was.

We didn’t really do a experiment but we did a survey that asked people questions about SER roads/streets.
We looked at our summary of responses and it told us the percentage of the answers that people gave us in the survey. 53% of the people I interviewed like streets with no islands, and 48% of the people liked streets with islands.


The council should really think about what they are REALLY putting on the road, because it can be for a good cause, but at the same time, a bad cause aswell.

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