Friday, December 13, 2013

Pt. England Senior Prize Giving 2013!

Yesterday on Thursday the 12th on December, Pt. England School had their senior prize giving. I was so excited to see what I was going to get for my last prize giving at Pt. England. I was more nervous for our year group performance, because my friend Dillion and I were playing the guitar, and I feel that we had a lot of pressure in our hands on the night.

I knew that it was going to be a long night because there were three awards and performances from different age groups before us, and as older boys our legs were going to be sore from folding them for too long. But I knew that it was all going to be worth it, because I knew I was going to get a award.

It was time for the year 7 awards, and I was getting more nervous as the time went by. "Are you excited bro, I am" my friend Starford said to me. From years of experience at prize, I knew the order of what comes first and what goes last, and by what I saw and heard, it was almost time for the year 8 prizes.

It was finally time for our prize awards. It was so exciting and. I didn't really care of what prize I got, I was just happy that I got an award, and to be honest , I knew that I was going to get a sports award. The sports awards went by, and I didn't here my name. "Crusader" Mr. Burt said. I rushed to the stage to get my award. I was so proud of myself.  All the awards were done and it was time to do our item. It was so cool and we did great.

This year's prize giving was awesome and I am going to miss having it here at Pt. England.

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  1. Hi Crusader, what a fabulous recount of prizegiving. I really enjoyed getting your perspective on it. I am pleased you got a prize and I really did enjoy your item - I was proud of you. Do keep reaching for the stars because you have great things in your future.

    I also loved the movie you made for Mrs Tele'a at assembly today - well done.

    Keep making me proud

    Mrs Burt


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