Monday, March 25, 2013

Assembly With STKS

“We will be having a special guest today” I was really excited to find out who it was. Was it a rugby player, was it a musician, was it a magician, who knew. I wanted it to be a rugby player. “Come out STKS”. Who is STKS? I was thinking to myself.

He came out with a guitar and to be honest, I wasn’t really excited for this. As he was introducing himself, I was slowly getting hooked into him because he was so funny. He sounded real fob and some of his sentences didn’t make sense, but I knew he was doing that to entertain all of us. His hair-cut was really funky and it suited him. I was actually excited for him to start singing.

His first song that he sang was could rhythm and brown. The song that he was singing was from the movie, The Sound of Music (you can watch it on). I knew it sounded familiar. I was laughing so hard I was going to cry. Everyone was laughing, and even some of the year 7 and 8’s.

That was his last song that he sang. To be honest, the assembly was really boring after that. Lucky for us, one of our teachers Miss. Va’afusuaga called him out for one more song. It was kind of like a mashup of songs. It was No One by Alicia Keys, Price Tag by Jessie J, and Irreplaceable by Beyonce. It sounded really cool and I didn’t want to stop singing because I was in that buzz.

That assembly with STKS was really one to remember because it was fun in many ways. I would love to have him come again.

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