Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beach Narrative

The sun was burning my skin as if it was cooking me, sweat was dripping down my head, my ice cream was melting, and there was only one way to fix this, ‘A BEACH DAY!!’ I like to hear the sound of the waves crashing together on a hot day.

Before long sports balls were flying everywhere, and I was running up and down the sand.

Word was going around town that there was a monster called BEACHSTER that only killed people at the beach, and it JUST happened that we were at the beach. His real name was Louis Tomlinson. We had a boundary and everything, we all had to keep safe. None of us didn’t want anyone to go missing.

‘STOMP STOMP STOMP’ The ground was shaking, buildings were crashing to the ground, and it was coming. THE BEACHSTER WAS COMING TO OUR BEACH! “Lets go lets go, get everything you can and put it in the truck” My uncle Zayn said to everyone. “Grab all the kids” My brother Harry said. I was sacking it so badly. There was no way out.

One thing that we didn’t know is that there was an enemy of the BEACHSTER called the MAGICAL STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD, CRUSADER DUGAN!! And he always got close to killing the beachster. And this time he was confident that he was going to kill him because he found his weakness. His weakness was beach water. Thats why he always killed the people at the beach “Saltwater, his weakness is salt water” Crusader Dugan said. So we all got buckets of water from the beach and we threw it at him like there was no tomorrow. Every time a bucket of water that got thrown at him, He would drop, and drop, and drop.

Finally we killed the BEACHSTER and all this green gooey stuff was all over the the ground. “You finally killed him Crusader Dugan” I said, “No I didn’t, WE killed him”

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