Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cross Country 2012

“Man I’m nervous for today”, I said to my friend Samuela. I really didn’t want to do cross country but there was no excuse not to do it. My house is TAINUI. After a while I found a technique that might help me to do better than before, and that was to stick at one pace and a steady jog.

“12 YEARS OLD BOYS, GET READY FOR CROSS COUNTRY” Mr. Jacobson said to us. I started to get nervous as I was walking up with my mates. 'BANG' and we were off. I was thinking to myself “Steady jog, steady jog”. I wanted to run together with my mates because I wanted some company.

As I was running the treacherous track, all I could hear was a squelching noise from my shoes, and when I looked back down on my leg, I could see splattered mud on my leg which splattered back. The track was kind of tricky to maneuver. I was slipping and sliding as if I was on ice.

I loved cross country this year and I had fun with my mates. Can’t wait for next year.


  1. Hey Ahsin
    This post about the Cross country is great, I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!. You put lots of information in this post About Cross Country That you showed not tell. I like all the great vocab That you have used in this like congress, memorialise, and many more. I think you need to work on checking your work because some of these sentences don't make sense. Anyway, keep up the great work that you are doing Crusader.

  2. Hey Crusader sorry for the mistake

  3. Hi Crusader,

    I LOVE IT!!!, that was awesome piece of writing of your's explaining what happened at our School Cross Country. It really sounds like Cross Country is your thing. Keep up the good work, strive to succeed and don't give up mate!!!!. By the way GO MATATUA YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!.


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