Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse

In room 20, we got the task of comparing the two artist paintings, Pablo Picasso’s A Weeping Woman, and Henri Matisse Woman With a hat. The style that Picasso used was cubism, and Henri Matisse was a pioneer of Fauvism (The Wild Beast). Pablo Picasso was born in October 25 1881 and Henri Matisse was born on December 31 1869. Both artist started of by using the impressionist style and then they both ended up changing. We are learning to compare and contrast these two paintings.

 Both paintings look the same but they both mean different things. A Weeping Woman is a intense mood and it is about war which connects to his other painting called the Guernica. In Matisse’s painting, he was just trying out the new style of Fauvism and just experimenting with new colours. Matisse painting has no strong emotion and it was expressionless.

 These artist both used shades of yellow in these paintings. In Matisse he uses a little bit more colour than Picasso. Matisse used weird colours in his painting but Picasso went from yellow to orange to red and then to green. They were more intense colours. They also used different colours to shade in. Like I said Matisse was just experimenting with new colours to try out a new style.

 The lines that PIcasso used were bold and smooth, he also used black lines for his outline. Matisse on the other hand used different colours for his outline, and that people thought that it was weird. Matisse had jagged and delineated lines. As you would known Picasso, he used a lot of different perspectives in his paintings, but Matisse only used one perspective. But in Matisse painting he used different colours which made it look cool.

 These painters are very different but they are great and will always be remembered.

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