Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Kayaking was next, and I wasn’t sure to go because I heard that we were going to see STINGRAYS. I was so scared. As we were kayaking out, our kayak pro, Erin said to us “Hey lets go see the stingrays” “WHAT” we all said I saw my first stingray and it went underneath my kayak which was pretty scary. We started to see a lot of stingrays and I started to get used to them.

At this point, I did not want to capsize. I was kayaking so carefully trying not to get into the water. We were kayaking and, the water was getting more and more shallow and my kayak couldn’t go any further. I could even touch the ground with my hand. “Can we go back now” I said.

When I saw our camp ground and all the campers, I was so relieved to get back on shore. Erin said that we were going to play a game called kayak tiggy, and I didn’t really want to play. When we were finished our kayaking activity, I was so happy. Didn’t capsize once.

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