Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duffy Books

This week on Monday, we got duffy books from the Bucklands Beach Lion Club. We do this every once a year, and we get two each. We get these books for free because kind people from The Bucklands Beach Lions Club hold fund rasisers to give us these special gifts.

We need to look after these books like a treasure. We had had a special guest that used to be on Shortland Street and her name was Alison Quigon (Yvonne Jeffries)his is only one of the books that I got and it is called Spartucus and his Glorius Gladiators.

A big special thanks to The Bucklands Beach Lion Club who gave us these books. Click on this Bucklands Beach Lion Club and it will take you to there web site.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post Crusader. The Lions Club would be keen to read this too.
    I wonder if you could go in and separate out the paragraphs though. It looks like about 3 different topics you cover. Paragraphing would make this even cleared for your audience.


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